Nothing to do, nothing to say

What a boring day it has been. Although I got a lot of stuff accomplished, I am pretty bored with what I did. I had two appointments today- one with my psychiatrist and another with my therapist. After these, I went on a whirlwind drive around the town getting groceries, ordering new lights for our kitchen and dining room, getting new printer ink, and looking at puppies at the mall. Now as the day is winding down, I am desperately looking for something to do tonight. I am thinking about trying to go to the movies with someone. I really want to see Pirates of the Caribbean and Bridesmaids.

I’m getting kind of nervous about how things will go tomorrow. It’s my cousin’s wedding and that should be interesting. I’m going to have to take some food with me in the car since it’s about two hours away. The food they serve there will probably be really disgusting. The only options were chicken or vegetarian. I thought that chicken was the safer choice because vegetarian probably means pasta. I hope my mom lets me skip my supplements for the day because ti will be kind of embarrassing to have to take those with me to the wedding and drink out of a stupid looking juice box in front of all my family and future in-laws. It’s going to be pretty anxiety-provoking also having to face the cocktail hour snacks and the dreaded wedding cake. Hopefully I’ll be able to be at a table with my mom so she can be there to help me out and keep me occupied through it all so my mind doesn’t wander to try and calculate every little calorie like it always wants to.
I just hope for the day to come when I will be able to not think anything of the food that I’m eating and actually just enjoy it rather than dread and fear meal time and just look at the clock and count down to the next time when I will have to eat is.

Check back later for how things go at the crazy family wedding!


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