The day after the wedding

Well, yesterday was the infamous wedding. To say that it was a disappointment is a huge understatement. I’m not a snob or anything, but I feel like I could have planned a better wedding than that. There was no alcohol despite the invitation saying there was a “cocktail hour”, the food was served on plastic plates (don’t even get me started on how the food tasted either), the bridal party and centerpieces had plastic flowers, and there was no actual dance floor just to name a few problems spots.
So, I had some anxiety building up about what would be there as far as food, but things went pretty well. I was at a table with my cousins so we were making fun of all the ridiculous aspects of the wedding which kept me pretty distracted. The food was a huge pile of mediocre veggies, a baked potato thing and an undercooked stuffed chicken breast. I ended up eating all the veggies, half the potato and a bite of the chicken. Once I saw that my chicken was still pink inside, I got very turned off and threw in the towel, or the napkin.
Well, we were all counting down until it would be appropriate to leave. Once my grandparents left, we felt that it was okay to leave too. Although the cake still had to be cut we had had enough of the weirdness and tackiness of it all and just had to get out of there.
Today things went pretty well at home. I returned my dress that I rented from (which was absolutely gorgeous, by the way!). This evening I went to the movies with my mom and saw bridesmaids. SUCH a hilarious movie, I recommend you to go see it as soon as possible! We stopped at the gas station to get snacks and drinks on the way there. I was going to get raisinettes for the first time that I’ve allowed myself to eat them in god knows how long. I was doing okay up until I looked at the calories and decided to put them back. Once I got to the movies, though, my mom was buying popcorn and I challenged myself to get some raisinettes because they’re my favorite candy and I just told myself that I didn’t do anything to Not deserve them, unlike what ED was screaming in my mind at top volume. I ended up being able to eat half of the box and a handful of popcorn, so I was and am really proud of myself. A couple months ago, I wouldn’t have ever thought i’d be doing that. Every time I have something challenging me, I just think of yoga and how badly I want to be able to exercise again and that each pound I replenish to my body, the closer I am to yoga!
Well, I think that is all for Now, so thanks for eating and check back tomorrow for more!


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