Just Another Manic Monday

Well today so far has been slightly boring. I started the day with breakfast on my own- my mom had a doctor’s appointment, so I was on the honor system for getting my breakfast. That went pretty good. Although I deviated from my meal plan (I had Cream of Rice rather than Oatmeal), I still had breakfast, which is saying something. When my mom got home, so did the man from Sear’s who was delivering our new range and range hood. Apparently he had just been sitting in the driveway- he was about 50 minutes early- and didn’t think to ring the doorbell. Well, he was here for almost 2 hours installing our new appliances and they look amazing. I’ll get to take the stovetop on its maiden voyage tonight, so I’m excited about that!
After the Sear’s man left, my mom and I headed out to Home Depot to get some paint to refurbish a tv stand to put in my bedroom. My mom had the idea to collage the top, so that should help me with keeping busy throughout the day.
I had a pleasant surprise when I got home as well; my bathing suit from Topshop finally was delivered! It’s a royal blue color with red and pink hawaiian-print flowers on it. Super cute.
After painting the furniture, we watched the movie Life As We Know It. I really enjoyed it. It was a nice fresh take on romantic comedies unlike a lot of movies I’ve seen before. It also doesn’t hurt that Josh Duhamel is totally dreamy!
Today’s been a kind of rough body image day. I keep hearing ed in my head telling me that it’s fabulous that I still don’t fit in the smallest size of clothes. I try hard to fight that though. It’s still difficult for me to take my supplements like I should, but once I just crack into that juice box from hell, I’m usually okay. I just have to keep telling myself that even though it seems like I am eating in all of my free time, I still look the same despite how full I may feel. It helps a lot, too, that my mom told me the whole time she’s been doing the meal plan with me, she hasn’t gained any weight.
Well, I’m off to get back to work on my first job as a stylist- I’m going to make a look book of all the clothes that I looked at and bought for my mom’s friend so that she will have an easy go-to guide for outfits so she doesn’t have to think about how to piece together an outfit.


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