Turning over a new leaf…again

Well, since my last post I’ve fessed up to the fact that I have been lying to my parents and treatment team. I was supposed to have been drinking 3 resourse supplement drinks a day, but I have only been drinking two, pouring the rest down the drain to make it look like I have been driing them all. Despite the disappointment my mom had about the deceit, she was proud of me for owning up to what I was doing.
I’ve still been tirelessly looking for a job, still to no avail. Today was a really fun day. I had an appointment with my dietitian today. She wants me to make a list of the foods that I have not allowed myself to enjoy because of my eating disorder. Another challenge we came up with is to have tiramisu for Father’s Day. Also, my friends went with my to my appointment. Afterwards, we went to the mall that’s close to the doctor’s offfice. We did some shopping, tried on goofy makeup and then had dinner at P.F. Chang’s. Overall, it was super fun and a nice break to get out with friends who I know like me for who I am.
I talked with my mom about the rate at which I’m gaining weight. Right now it’s set at one to two pounds per week, but she wants me to consider bumping it up to two pounds per week so that I can closer to my goal weight for when school starts up again in the fall. That reslly gives me a lot to think about, and she raised some good points. Not to mention, that means that I will get to go on vacation sooner! Well, that is all for now, so check back later for more!


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