Reaching New Goals

Well, I am officially .8 pounds heavier than when I left inpatient treatment at Remuda Ranch. It feels good to be finally making progress, and taking each step closer to a vacation! 🙂
Today was also the start to my summer art class at college. There’s only 3 other people enrolled in the class, so I’m lucky that it didn’t get cancelled. A woman from the school I talked to said they typically need 8 students to run a class. One student was absent, so I’m excited about meeting him tomorrow… you never know who might become a love interest! Fingers crossed! The class was really nice, it was very laid back and relaxing. We just sat around listening to Bob Marley for the whole 8 long hours. I learned that we’ll be doing a new project each day. Today’s project was to come up with three words (that are not nouns) to describe ourselves and then translate that into an artwork which we took a small part of and blew it up to recreate with ink. The words I picked to describe myself were fashionable, deep and sarcastic.
Today was also the first day that I was on my own for eating lunch and my snacks and things couldn’t have gone better. I even went above and beyond my meal plan and had some starbursts! Going off of this accomplishment, my mom decided that it’s time that she can go back to work (she had been taking off to stay home with me to make sure I was sticking to my meal plan).

Since my last post, Father’s day has come and gone. I got my dad a windshield wiper gizmo that it so stupid and dinky. We went out during the day to see the Green Lantern movie. It was really good, and it doesn’t hurt that Ryan Reynolds is so yummy and nice to look at ;). For dinner, my parents, my grandfather and I all went out to dinner. Afterwards, we came home to enjoy some wonderful home made tiramisu that I made the night before. Not to toot my own horn, but it was absolutely deelish.

Well, it’s time for me to head off and get to work on some homework from my art class and to pack my lunch for tomorrow. Check back later for more!


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