Why Are There So Many Diet Commercials??

Well, today was kind of discouraging. I went for my weekly weight check and I was down to 97.2 when I was at 98.8 the previous week. I think that there were some factors at play, though. Last week, I didn’t use the bathroom before getting weighed and this week I did and I hadn’t eaten lunch yet also. I tried not to get too discouraged, though, because my therapist reminds me every time I meet with her that it’s perfectly normal for my weight to fluctuate as my metabolism gets back to normal.

I just had a thought today. Why are there so many diet and weight loss commercials on tv? If people knew anything about the struggles and the trap that weight loss can put your mind into, no one would be jumping at the opportunity to loose weight. And the truth is, there’s no easy solution to loosing weight. You don’t take a magic pill and drop pounds, you stop eating. That’s it. Granted, there are people who get surgery for weight loss, but that just makes their stomach capacity less, thus they eat less than they normally would. It just makes recovery so hard to see all these commercials telling people that weight loss is what everyone needs to be doing. There are no commercials out there for being at a healthy weight or gaining weight if you’re too thin and I really think there needs to be.

In my last post I mentioned how I was going to be hanging out with a guy that my friends from school all approve of. That went really well. I met him and a couple of his friends downtown and we all walked around and got ice cream. Later, we went to someone’s house and watched the movie Paranormal Activity (which was pretty stupid). When it was time for me to go, he was so nice and walked me out to my car- which I was really thankful for because there were some shady people out roaming the streets. I hope that this friendship could move on to something more, I really like him. 🙂

Another major happening since my last post was meeting a nice guy who works at the grocery store that I basically live at. He works at the fish counter and mentioned how he remembers me since I buy so much fish all the time. We got to making small talk about where we go to school and what we’re both studying. He was really sweet (and pretty good looking, too). The next time I see him there I plan on going out on a limb and giving him my number. What’s the worst that could happen? Best case, we go on a date. Worst case, he doesn’t call me and it might be a little awkward whenever I see him in the grocery store.

As the week goes on, I am taking small steps toward completing my summer art class. As I’ve said before, the people are really nice and it’s easy to talk to them about anything. They show me how people do have some of the same struggles that I do, and that you can move on from them. Today I made some pumpkin break to take in for them tomorrow; they all really enjoyed the cinnamon streusel cupcakes I made for them earlier, so I hope I get the same positive reaction this time. It always is rewarding to have people enjoy my cooking. One good thing about recovery is that I actually allow myself to enjoy what I make! Before, I would rarely think of licking the batter and never think of doing that and eating the finished product. Today I did both and it was delicious.

Well, it seems like a pretty good point to wrap things up for whoever is kind enough to spend their time reading this junk that I waste my time typing up 🙂


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