Yoga Sunday

Today was a great day overall. Although I have had a terrible day as far as body image goes, the positives definitely outweigh any self-consciousness I have been having. This morning I finally found my Body Image Workbook in the mess that my house is in and was working in that. It’s good to be able to vent my feelings when I can’t talk to my therapist while she is on vacation. After that, my mom and I drove down to South Moon Under where I got a fabulous new orange maxi dress. Lately I’ve been absolutely obsessed with maxi dresses, I can’t get enough! I always thought they’d make me look even shorter than I am (5’3”), but they actually don’t. I definitely recommend everyone to try one out one of these days! After that, we got lunch at a cafe. I had a spinach salad with grapes, craisins and strawberries. It was quite yummy. Then, I had yoga this afternoon. Unlike the first class I took, this one didn’t have nearly as many people in it which was nice. I love doing yoga so much. It’s one of the few places I can go and be totally relaxed and forget about all the stressors in my life and just be one with myself. It was even more relaxing when it started to thunderstorm during the class.

For me, tomorrow isn’t just another exciting fourth of July. It is the day that I start my internship at Velvet Lounge (a boutique where I live). I am excited beyond belief- I’ve only been begging them for a job for two years now. Although this is an unpaid internship, I am going to be getting invaluable knowledge about how the fashion industry runs and it will be an awesome thing to tack on to my resume.

Since my last post, I also got a real job! I’m now the new employee at Maggie Moo’s ice cream shop. I was really surprised to get the call from the manager about two months after I turned in my application. He must have really liked me because he hired me on the spot during my interview. I start work for training wednesday and work every day through saturday. All of my shifts are afternoon and night so hopefully I don’t fall asleep on the job. I’m sure I’ll be fine though. Well, that’s all for now!


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