Internship: Day Two

Well yesterday was a super fun day! Not only was it the Fourth of July, but it was the first day of my internship at Velvet Lounge, a clothing boutique near my house. I spent the day there from noon-4 and learned so much already. I started off by going through all the racks of clothing and sorting them by size. Then, when a customer came in I learned how to use the cash register to ring people up- ps: it’s a lot easier than it looks! I also learned about what the owners do when they go to fairs for buying and how they budget for the four seasons of clothes: spring, summer, fall, and holiday. I also helped the manager go through a look book of what to order for the fall from the clothing company Obey. That was really fun to have them trust my opinion on something so major for their store on my first day of work. I’m kind of glad that I started on the Fourth of July because it was a little slow, so it was a nice day to start and get accustomed to things and how the store runs. I was complementing the manager on her feather hair extensions and she told me that they ordered some and are going to start selling them in the store and that I would be able to get one for free! 😀 So excited about that, I’ve been dying for one for some time now. I also went online to look at them from and ordered some to do for my best friend as a birthday present. I watched videos online of how to do them and they seem really easy to put in.

This morning I went for my weekly weight check. I was getting kind of nervous that I was loosing weight again, but I was proven to be wrong; my weight is up from 97.2 last week to 99. I was really happy about that because it means that I’ll be able to go on vacation with my friend Holly as long as I can make sure I can get off work for the week we’re going. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to get off because I was looking at the work schedule my boss gave me that lists everyone’s work hours for the week and two of the employees are taking off for vacations so it seems like I should be able to do that too. I’m not all happy about my weight gaining though. I am having really strong urges to restrict my supplements but I’m just trying to remember that I need to keep up with it and just take it one day at a time. I still haven’t bought in to my goal weight of 115 pounds. I’d rather keep my weight around 105-110. That seems like a reasonable weight to be at for a person who’s only 5’3”, don’t you think? I mean when I was at my highest weight of 135 I looked HUGE. It was disgusting and I NEVER want to be at that weight again unless I’m pregnant. I think one thing that could effect what my goal weight is is when I get my period back. At my first meeting with my dietitian she told me that she normally uses that as the sole factor of when to stop replenishing weight, so hopefully I will get my period back before I reach 115. Otherwise, I think I might just tell my doctors that I have gotten it back regardless of whether I do or not.

Yesterday was kind of a bummer for the Fourth of July- we got rained on :(. I got to the park downtown where the city has fireworks around 8:15 and met up with some friends there. While I was waiting for my friends I got to people watch the interesting characters that roam the city. I saw a bunch of ghetto kids running like their life depended on it to go see a fight that broke out- people were jumping off of patios and running through bushes to get to it. I saw a redneck man with a tattoo on his arm of Jesus vomiting (I totally do NOT want to hear the story behind that one). Also, a creepy old guy came up to me and said “now here’s two lovelies”. I have no idea what he was talking about; I was standing all by myself and I know he wasn’t talking about my boobs because I wear an A cup, so there’s basically nothing there. I just smiled though and said thank you when he wouldn’t go away. He eventually did after saying “one for the present and one for later.” Whatever that means. I think he may have been drunk and seeing double or something.

Well, to wrap things up I’ll give you a quick recap of how my day has gone so far. I got a call back from Wegman’s about a job application I sent in a while ago, but I turned that down because I already got hired by Maggie Moo’s ice cream. I think that’s for the better anyway, it’s probably easier to work in a small store than a big grocery store. I scheduled a meeting on friday morning with a personal trainer at the gym I belong to to meet her and work out a plan for getting me back to doing healthy exercise. I fell in love with today! I ordered my friend some feather hair extensions for her birthday and I just ordered a cute belly button ring for myself. Other than that, I can’t really think of anything else of note that happened today; it’s only 1:00 after all, so I still have a lot more time for things to happen. Check back later for more!

❤ Erin


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