So Stressed

Uhhh why does my life have to be filled with so much stress? I just got my schedule for work for next week and they have me on for 40 hours (keep in mind I’m a part-time employee, too). Not only do they have me working for my mom’s birthday, they have me working from noon-5 and 6-midnight on her birthday. I am getting extremely stressed out about how much they are making me work. Usually when someone gets a job, their complaint is about not getting enough hours. I’m seriously considering quitting even though I’ve only worked two days.  I just feel that all these hours are way more than I can handle on top of my internship, which they have so kindly scheduled me for working during my internship hours. This is just too much and I feel like my health might get compromised with all the stress. I also really don’t appreciate them putting me on for work when I have my internship. I told the manager upfront when I had my interview that I have an internship from 2-5 every day for this week and next week and they have scheduled me to work some days starting at 5 and on one of the days starting at noon, which obviously won’t work out. I just am at a loss for what to do. I don’t want to ask for more time off and risk getting on the bad side of my bosses, but it’s really not going to work out having me working this much.

Well, on another topic, I had my first meeting with a personal trainer at the gym today. Her name is Amanda and we went through some questions about what I want to get out of our sessions and why I chose now to get started and talked about my exercise history. I explained to her about being in recovery from an eating disorder, so she knows that there are going to be a lot more things to keep track of with me and my new relationship with exercise. I explained to her also about how in the past I would extremely over exercise and that I will probably have a lot of urges  to do so when I go into the gym now. I told her that to help me avoid doing more exercise than is healthy for me, I need to remember that I’m just taking things a week at a time and that if my meal plan isn’t helping me to keep my weight in the range that it should be, we can make adjustments quickly before things get too out of hand.

Right now I’m just so freaking out about all this work crap. I’ve been trying to call my mom for the past hour and she hasn’t emailed me back or anything which just adds on to the enormous amount of stress I’m under. Well that’s all for now…


One thought on “So Stressed

  1. I had the same problem with work last summer. And I had to find the strength to ask for less hours. I know it’s scary, but you HAVE to do it to take care of yourself and your recovery. If your bosses get mad then that’s their selfish problem. You need to take care of you, first and foremost. The stress is not worth it. And you will compromise your recovery. Ask for what you need. I promise you will feel better when you do!

    SO glad you get to exercise again! It’s so exciting isn’t it? Be careful with it though, I had a slip with it when I got home. Just make sure you are doing it for the prescribed amount of time.

    Hang in there girly! You can do this! I believe in you. And I’m here for you whenever you need me…but you already knew that 🙂

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