Ft. Lauderdale

Well it’s day two at Ft. Lauderdale and things are pretty fun here. Yesterday we got in around noon and we checked into the hotel. There was some big muscular guy who was obviously belligerently drunk and was making a big scene. He was yelling at the valet Parking attendants and was trying to start a fight with someone. We thought we were in the clear when his family pushed him into a cab but we were proved wrong when he jumped out of it when one of the Valets told him to watch his language around the women and kids. The security guys called the police and they ended up arresting him. Can you imagine a more exciting way to start a vacation?
After that ruckus, my mom and I went to get some lunch. We ate at a restaurant that is on a pier. We both got fish burritos with chips and guacamole and it was honestly the best meal I have had in ages. We will definitely be going back there again for another delicious meal.
We wanted to go to the beach but it was raining (they’re still getting the remnants of tropical storm Emily here), so we drove around downtown Ft. Lauderdale and ended up going shopping at the mall here. I didn’t do so well on shopping, though :(. I did get a new iPod shuffle since my iPod broke when I was at the beach with Holly. My mom got some makeup at Sephora and I got a free gift from them that has about 8 samples in it, so I was pretty excited about that.
Today when we woke up around ten, the sun was shining and it looked like it was shaping up to be a pretty nice day. But, we were once again mistaken when it started pouring rain five minutes after we got on the beach. I didn’t even have time to finish applying sunblock before we packed up and headed back to the car. We were going to wait it out but after twenty minutes had passed with no signs of a break and a clearing of the storm, we decided to head up to Delray Beach and do some shopping and grab lunch. When we were done there, the storm had passed so we came back down to Ft. Lauderdale and now we’re relaxing on the beach, basking in the sun.
I forgot to mention what happened at the airport when we were waiting for our rental car. My mom was holding on to her suitcase and she realized it was vibrating really strongly. She got really freaked out because there was nothing electronic in it and she was thinking it was some sort of bomb. She asked the woman at the rental car place if she would call security and she asked us if it could be a toothbrush vibrating inside and that’s when I remembered that I had put my vibrating toothbrush in there, so that really relaxed my mom. Also, our rental car is ridiculous. We got the second most basic model. It’s some ugly hyundai. There are no power windows, only old-school crank knobs for them. You can’t unlock the car by pushing a button on the key because there is no button on the key. There also isn’t any button to lock and unlock all the doors, so you have to manually unlock every door. It’s crazy and so annoying, especially when it’s raining.
Well that’s all for now, it’s time to get back to working on my tan 🙂


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