An Uneventful Day

Well today has been pretty boring. This morning my friends who slept over, Amanda and Colleen, and I woke up around 10 and sat around and chatted. It was pretty challenging for me to get breakfast for myself because neither of them were eating anything. I think the only reason I ate was because I was once again suffering (if you can call it that) from my never ending hunger. I woke up this morning planning on going to the gym to try to work off all of the junk food I was eating last night but I resisted the temptation for only one reason: New York. I know the quicker I get to my goal weight, the quicker I will be able to show my parents that I’m ready to go to New York.

I proved myself to be ready for New York in other ways today, too. I was like an adult and I paid off my credit card bill. I also spent some time looking for therapists and nutritionists in New York and contacted some to see if they would be accepting new patients, if they accept our insurance policy and if they are willing to work with whatever treatment team I assemble for myself up there in New York. I got a call today from one of the therapists I sent an email to. She told me that no, she doesn’t accept my insurance policy but that she would be able to accept me as a patient and she would be more than willing to work with a treatment team; that’s how she normally works things, anyway.

I did some other menial errands today. I went to the grocery store and got stuff for dinner, I’m making some tuna melts on english muffins. I went to target to look for some more school supplies for when my classes start on Monday. I went to a studio where you paint your own pottery called I Made This to pick up a small jewelry box that I painted with my friend Michelle. It turned out really nicely.

I’m really looking forward to this weekend. First of all, it’s the last weekend that I have before classes start and I will most likely do something fun with my friends. I know one friend, Katie, is having a party at her house this weekend so I will be going to that. Hopefully I will see some other friends from high school that I haven’t seen in a while. On Sunday I have a date with a guy who graduated a year ahead of me. I can’t wait to go see Fright Night at the movies with him. After or before the movie (depending on what time it shows) we’re coming to my house so I can make dinner- chicken kebabs with a mint-feta sauce and some grilled zucchini and rice. I’m really looking forward to hanging out with him, I have been talking to him for the past couple of days and it seems like we have a lot in common. I can’t believe that when we were both at the same high school that we didn’t know each other. Granted we were never in the same classes or social circle, our school wasn’t that big. Oh well, I guess everything happens for a reason, right? Oh! And sunday is the night that the show Curb Your Enthusiasm comes on, which we both like, so maybe we can watch that together after the movie and dinner. I guess I will just have to bide my time waiting and see what happens. Well that’s all for now, it’s time to get to the kitchen to make dinner!


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