New York, Here I Come

I am definitely a planner. I love planning anything, from family vacations to parties. I always take control on our vacations, finding the perfect hotel, arranging our transportation and finding great restaurants and shops to visit while we are away. For parties and get-togethers like Thanksgiving and Christmas. But, trying to plan a trip up to New York at the end of September to visit the college I want to transfer to, LIM, was more stressful than I expected it to be. I normally don’t have any trouble finding hotels because I am a member of the websites Gilt and Snique Away that always have great sales, but this time proved to be an exception. Well for starters, there’s going to be three of us going up to New York- My mom, my dad and I- and most hotels don’t offer rooms with more than one bed. So that was a major problem area. Secondly, I was getting really stressed out because all of the hotels I was looking for had ridiculously high rates that I could never imagine paying (around $400 were the lowest rates). I decided to give up the search and turn things over to my mom. She has come such a far way in being able to plan things; when I was on vacation with Holly she planned our whole trip to Florida. Within a couple minutes she was able to find the Omni Berkshire Hotel, which is conveniently located right by LIM. It was really great because they had a government employee rate which was around $100 cheaper than the normal rate, so we snatched up that deal before it could be proven too good to be true. Now all that’s left to do is book our train tickets, but that will take no time and they have never been fully booked for any of the other times that we’ve gone to New York, so I doubt that it will be a problem this time.

I know in an earlier post I talked about the possibility of going to Fashion’s Night Out, but that’s a no-go. I decided that it would be too expensive to have two trips to New York so close together in the same month and that I probably wouldn’t have as much fun at the event as I expected. I know it will be super crowded and crazy and I really dislike shopping in crowds (which is why I NEVER go out shopping on Black Friday). Plus, I applied for Teen Vogue’s Fashion U which is held in New York in October, so I could potentially be going to that, too.

Today my friend Katie had a party at her house for her going back to college at Salisbury. It was really nice to see her since I haven’t hung out with her all summer yet. It’s about time that we got together! I made some of my famous peanut butter cookies to bring and everyone who had one loved them. There was SO much food there! I definitely had a food baby by the time I left. They got a bushel of crabs and people brought a bunch of stuff. There were barbeque ribs, homemade guacamole, fruit, pasta salad, potato salad, deviled eggs, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and hamburgers. I’m probably forgetting a lot of stuff, too. I feel really disgusting for eating so much, but I know that I probably didn’t eat as much as I think I did. My mind always seems to play tricks on me into making me think that I’ve REALLY overdone myself when I actually have eaten a fairly reasonable amount of food. Overall, I had a really great time, though and in the moment, my anxiety was really quite low. This was one of the more frequently occuring times that I seemed able to just turn off the eating disorder screaming in my head 🙂

This morning my mom and I were going to go to the farmer’s market at the fairgrounds. When we got there, though, it was so crappy. There was one stand outside of the indoor area and once inside there was another produce stand, a bakery stand, a place making food like sandwiches, and then in the main building it was an auction for crappy house stuff. We felt compelled to buy some tomatoes that were okay and then we got the heck out of there. My mom did run into one man he knew from work and he was surprised to see her there, saying that he “didn’t know [she] came to these things.” After seeing the weirdness that it was, she simply replied “I don’t.” I thought that was funny, but I just hope that he didn’t get offended by it.

Well that’s really all that’s new for me. It’s time to get dinner started for my parents. I’m making them spaghetti and I think I’m just going to have some cereal since I’m still pretty full from the party.


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