Great Weekend

This weekend was amazing. On Friday I had one class, French. We only had a test to do so I got to get out earlier than usual. After that I went to the post office to mail a purse that I had sold on eBay. Then I went to Staples to pick up some more school supplies that I needed. I don’t think I did anything really fun that night. There has been a lot of hassle with people having parties at school this year. The cops seem to hear about everything that goes on and breaks it up.

On Saturday, my mom and I went to the train station to pick up Holly! It was so great to get to see her again even though I saw her in July. I was really disappointed that our other friends Ashley and Michelle couldn’t make it. 😦 But we still had a great time. Saturday we came back to Frederick and got lunch at the Tasting Room downtown. My mom got salmon cakes, Holly got a hamburger with homemade fries and I got a chicken salad with avocado and a really tasty dressing. I was disappointed because I got a moroccan chicken salad the last time I went there and they didn’t have it on the menu. We were asking our waitress about it because I couldn’t remember what it was called, only what it looked like. For some reason, this woman just rubbed me the wrong way. She asked if I was thinking of the moroccan chicken salad and I said yes. She then went on to describe the entire dish to me, concluding her speech by saying “yeah, we can’t make that anymore.” It really irritated me because her describing it just made me remember how good it was and want it even more. I didn’t want to tell her how good the salad I did get was, though, simply because she recommended it to me. Immature, I know, but she just grated on my nerves.

After lunch, we did some shopping around town. I took Holly to my favorite store, Velvet Lounge. I got a really cute striped Splendid 3/4 sleeve shirt. After that, I took her to Carroll Creek. There’s a really neat bridge mural down there. On one of the concrete bridges, an artist painted it to look like stonework and there are four large paintings on it. You can check it out at this website: Bridge Mural. I saw one of my friends, Danny, downtown also. He was in my art class that I took over the summer. We then went back to my house and hung out for a while until it was time to go to dinner. We drove back downtown to go to a mexican restaurant called La Paz. We were told that it would be about a 40-minute wait.

We decided to pass the time in a pretty unconventional way: getting pierced! I’ve been thinking about getting my Tragus pierced for quite a while now and I talked Holly into getting hers done too. It was very convenient that there happened to be a tattoo shop right next door, so we headed over. I thought it was appropriate that we continue our tradition of piercing/tattooing every time we visit each other; when I went to visit her in May, she got her tattoo and I got my cartilage pierced. I went first; I was so nervous. My friend had told me that in order to pierce this area, they needed to somehow scoop out a chunk of your ear. Well this was the farthest thing from the truth. I didn’t think it hurt at all, it was over relatively quickly. I told Holly that it was nothing and felt bad about that later; I guess her pain tolerance is lower than mine and she said that the piercing hurt her much more and that it was throbbing later. The people who were working in the tattoo parlor were an interesting bunch. The topic of conversation they chose was penis tattooing. One person was wondering that if a man tattooed another man’s penis if that made him gay. What a stupid question. Well here’s a picture of my piercing!

After dinner, I suggested we go to the hookah bar downtown. When we got there, some really creepy guy that was probably in his mid-40s was hitting on Holly. He was saying that if she came home with him, he would buy her alcohol. Obviously he couldn’t tell that she is 23 and that was a waisted attempt and she was the farthest thing from interested. The man who cards people in the door picked up on this and did his best to get us seated and away from him as soon as possible. It was pretty full that night so we had to share a table with a couple other people. One of them was really friendly but the others were pretty anti-social. Most of them were just sitting there playing games on their phones the whole time. I saw a ton of people there from my high school, too. We even got to witness a fight. Although there was a wall blocking our view of seeing what exactly was going on, we saw a bunch of people running outside and then we saw the police show up pretty quickly. Other than that, there wasn’t much excitement. We stayed until 1 and then came back to my house and watched DVR’d episodes of Chelsea Lately.

Today I woke up pretty early-9:00- and took a shower and read some while I let Holly sleep. I woke her up around 10:00 and we went upstairs and had breakfast. After finishing my daily cup of coffee, we got ready and headed back out again. I thought I would take her around my school’s campus for a bit. Since my school is so small, it took ten minutes at most to show her around. After that, we headed to the mall to play with puppies at the pet store. We chose to play with a Zuchon- a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Bichon. It was SO hyper. The man who worked there warned me that it would probably go after my flowy dress, but I just shook off this warning, thinking that it couldn’t be that bad. I was wrong. It would not stop biting us. It would lunge and really hurt. It bit our hands, feet, knees, shins, fingers and even my butt. Then it got ahold of my phone and that kept him entertained for quite a while. Here’s a picture of the little furball terrorizing my arm.

After we were free of the demon dog, I took Holly back downtown yet again to a cute home store called Retro Metro. Neither of us bought anything but it’s always fun to walk around and see the cute things they have in there. By then it was time to come home and grab lunch and then pack up the car to take Holly to the train station 😦 I hated having to say goodbye but we had a really good time hanging out before her train arrived. Like always, we took great pleasure in making fun of the weird people around us! The first character that walked-well, more like ran-in was dressed in a full-on stewardess outfit. Obviously she missed the turn to the airport and was quite lost. Next, at 4:05, I overheard a woman go to the ticketing counter, saying she had a ticket for the 4:15 train but wanted to catch the earlier one. Honestly, she couldn’t have waited 10 minutes? It’s not like that 10 minutes would make a big difference in her travel arrangements. The best was yet to come, though. A single mother with her baby that was probably no more than a month old went up to the ticketing counter to tell them that she had missed her train. She said “I just didn’t hear it. I couldn’t help it.” Uh, yes, you could have helped it. You were sitting behind us talking to people about childbirth for a good twenty minutes, talking right through the 2 announcements that were made about your train. Not knowing that she was right behind me, I said, quite loudly, “it’s scary that such an oblivious woman has a baby.” Oops. When we were waiting out on the platform for Holly’s train, we saw a man who worked there escorting the stupid woman out the the platform she needed to be on.

The rest of my day was pretty boring. I went to the grocery store and got stuff for dinner. I made lemon shrimp kebabs with grilled corn on the cob and sliced tomatoes. It was delicious. I tried desperately to do some history homework. I have to read a terrible book about James Madison and write a report on it. I started reading it yesterday and I am not even 30 pages in. I really need to focus more. Then 10:00 rolled around and it was time for one of my favorite shows, Curb Your Enthusiasm. This was such a hilarious episode, but then again they all are hysterical. Now, I’m just getting ready to head back down into my basement apartment. I think I’ll catch up on my DVR and wind things down with a good book. Goodnight, everyone!





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