Fashion Show

Such an exciting day!! On Saturday my mom went to get her hair done and the woman who works at the front desk told her that she is going to be organizing a fashion show on the 17th. She asked her if I would be interested in modeling in it. Of corse my mom knew that it would be something I’d love to do, so she gave her my phone number and email address if she wanted to use me. Today on the way home from school, I got a call from her. She said that she wants to have me be in the show! I just had to email her my height, clothes and shoe sizes, a head shot and a full body shot. Or corse I did all of that immediately. On the email she sent me, she wanted to make sure that I know that they could want to color/cut my hair. On the phone she said that they’d probably want to keep my hair long but I am excited about potentially getting my hair colored again. It’s about time for a new look!

Other than getting the exciting news about the fashion show, my day has been pretty boring and chill. I had French this morning. It was the first day that our assistant taught us without the regular teacher in the classroom. For his first time he did a really good job! I think it will definitely help having a native French speaker teaching us so that I can learn to understand what someone is saying that speaks with a French accent and a little bit faster than a native English speaking teacher would. I got back my test that we took last friday. I got a 96 on it and I am pretty pleased with that. If I keep that up, I am bound to pass the class with an A.

In news writing, we had a quiz on our AP Style book about how you should write certain things for newspapers. I think I did pretty well on that, it seemed easy and I went back and double- and triple-checked my work to make sure that I corrected as many errors as I could find. After that class, I went to the registrar’s office to turn in my paperwork requesting to live on campus for next semester. I really hope that there will be an opening for me to take; I think that it’s about time that I move out of the house and start being a little more independent. It will also be nice to be on campus and be able to meet more people and easily meet up with friends between classes and on the weekends. Plus, I get to keep my car on campus which is always nice.

Psychology of Women was pretty entertaining today. We discussed gender roles and schemas that we have for genders. We went over our homework of coming up with male privileges and analyzing five television shows that we watched. Our teacher showed us one of the most hilarious videos that I have seen in a while. It was a Toyota commercial called “Swagger Wagon.” Here’s the video.

After class, I went with my friend Giovanni to study and do homework. It’s so nice getting to meet new people and getting to know them. He reminded me that this weekend is the In The Streets festival that our city holds every year and he asked me if I would like to hang out with him there. I am really looking forward to that. Amanda popped by for a little bit to say hi before her class started and told me about a crazy acne-faced and yellow-toothed redneck banging on her car and screaming at her. Welcome to Frederick.

After I left school, I did the usual and headed to get groceries for dinner tonight. Tonight I’m making minestrone soup. When I got home I continued on my homework and I’m still slowly plowing through the mountain of it that sits in front of me. I am honestly the worst with distractions. I should really just have my laptop taken away from me if I want to get any work done. I always find myself checking my Facebook and Twitter about every five minutes.  I saw that I had a package waiting on my doorstep for me when I got home! That was exciting; I ordered a Free People dress from Gilt a couple days ago in history class while we were watching a stupid movie but I wasn’t expecting it to arrive until tomorrow or Thursday. The only bad thing about it, though, is that I have to get a black slip to wear underneath it before I can wear it since it’s completely sheer and I’m not a slut. I wanted to get one downtown at Velvet Lounge this weekend when Holly visited but they only had them left in larges. Oh well, I feel like black slips are a fairly common thing to need so I shouldn’t have much trouble finding one.

Well I think that’s pretty much all for now! Be sure to check out my Facebook and follow me on Twitter 🙂


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