Another Rainy Day

Today it has been pretty gross outside. It has been raining on and off all day long. This morning I got to school a little later than usual and walked into class right as it was starting. Tomorrow I will have to make sure to allow a little extra time to get on campus. History was unbelievably boring yet again. I took so many notes in that class I thought my hand was going to fall off. Between my last two classes, Amanda met up with me for a little bit. It’s always fun getting to see friends in between classes and hanging out on campus. That’s one reason I really hope that I can get a dorm on campus for the next semester.

During my media class I was bored out of my mind. Since I have already learned all of the information for that class last year at Loyola, it has a hard time keeping my attention. For the most part, I was just on Facebook chat the whole time or browsing the internet. At the end of class we had to compare the types of articles that are featured on the Washington Post’s website and our local newspaper, The Frederick News Post’s website. The posts on the local paper are so stupid. According to our shit town, their idea of breaking news is a firework damaging a mailbox in Monrovia. But don’t worry, deputies are investigating. How lame. Is there really nothing better going on around town to write about??

After class I went to the grocery store yet again. I got supplies to make some shrimp fried rice for dinner. I hope it turns out yummy, I’m just winging it for the recipe and throwing in whatever sounds good at the moment. I am once again procrastinating for my homework. I am supposed to read another chapter for my psychology of women class but it is just so elementary that I can’t get through it. I mean, I already know what happens when a girl gets her period. I do not need to read again information that I learned in 5th grade. I think I’ll just skip ahead until I come upon information that is a little more complex and take it from there. Thankfully I don’t have any other homework for my other classes. I do need to continue reading this stupid book about James Madison for my history book report, though. I will probably do that after dinner when I can go downstairs into my basement and read without any distractions from my parents and the TV that they watch.

I am so pumped for tonight’s TV lineup. It’s Modern Family night! It is one of my favorite shows; it’s just so hilarious. I keep holding out for a rerun of the episode where Cameron stages a flash mob in the shopping center. I almost died laughing. I just hope that it comes on again sometime before the new season starts. In other TV news, I am so eager for September 26th to come around when my all-time favorite show Gossip Girl starts their new season. I have read all of the books and own all of the seasons and am downright obsessed. Even though it’s an extremely unrealistic show, I can’t get enough. I am also pumped for the new season of The Rachel Zoe Project airing last night. She is one of my inspirations in life; I would love love love to do what she does for a living. I was totally blown away, though, when I heard that in that episode she was supposed to be 6 months pregnant. She had a flatter stomach than I do! Unbelievable. I was sad to see this season of Pretty Little Liars draw to a close 😦 That’s another one of my favorite shows and another series that I have read all the books that it is based off of. The writers of that show do such a good job of leaving a major cliffhanger at the end of every episode and I can not wait until I will find out who A is!!

I’ve been reading a lot of good books lately. This summer I got into the Sookie Stackhouse series of books and I am hooked. They’re so interesting. I am disappointed, though, after reading them and seeing how much Stephanie Meyer took from these books to write the Twilight series. Just read it and you will know what I’m talking about. It’s crazy. I just finished up reading the first book in the Privilege series by Kate Brian. It’s a spinoff with one of the characters from her Private series of books and is a read page-turner. The only reason I got it was because I saw it for $2 at Plato’s Closet but I will definitely be reading the rest of the books in the series sometime. I really need to get on the bandwagon and read The Help, too. I just downloaded a sample of it onto my iPad and I am planning on starting it when I finish reading the newest book in the Private series that I just downloaded. After I read it then I will finally allow myself to go and see the movie and see what all the hype is about.

Well that’s all that’s on my mind for now. Check back later for more and thanks for reading 🙂


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