Rain Boots? Nah, I’m Rockin The Cowboy Boots :)

Today is such a miserable day. For the third day in a row, stupid Tropical Storm Lee has brought us rain. The worse news is is that it’s supposed to be like this for the rest of the week. Wonderful. I just hope that on Saturday it’s not another torrential downpour like today and yesterday. It’s going to be the annual In The Streets festival and I am really looking forward to going with friends and hanging out around downtown and seeing what Frederick has to offer. And in typical Erin fashion, I did not strap on my rain boots (even though they’re bright orange Hunter boots and super-cute), I donned a Free People floral-print dress and my most prized footwear-my leather studded Sam Edelman boots. In honor of fall beginning, I thought it was time to break these bad boys out for the season 😉

This morning was kind of exciting. As I was driving to school, I passed the fairgrounds like I do every day. Although this morning there was something a little different- the rides for the Great Frederick Fair have started to arrive! I know the fair won’t be here until the 16th of September, but it’s not too far off. Even though I am too scared to get on the rides-each year about half of them end up breaking down for most of the time the fair is open- I still have a good time getting out with friends. Plus, this is prime time for people watching and let me tell you, Frederick’s finest always make an appearance.

Classes today were pretty uneventful. Our dreamy French assistant was teaching our class and once again I was unable to focus. News writing was okay; our teacher kept us 5 minutes past the time that it was supposed to end so I had to basically run to my next class to make it on time. In psychology of women we were watching and analyzing different children’s shows. We watched clips from Sesame Street, Wonder Pets, Max and Ruby and Dora the Explorer. It was okay, kind of boring. I was just on Facebook most of the time anyway :p

After class I met up with some friends and entertained myself on StumbleUpon for a while. As always, I got a couple good laughs out of it. A couple nights ago I was telling my mom how I turned in my form to request on-campus living for next semester. She told me that I should have asked them if I could have moved on campus for the rest of this semester if they have any openings. I intended on asking about that today before I came home for the day but I totally forgot. Tomorrow I only have French so I will try very hard to remember to ask about it then. I really hope that they do have some openings. Don’t get me wrong, I totally love living at home and having so much space all to myself (not to mention my palatial closet!) but I think that it’s about time that I make a step toward moving out and living on my own. It will also be really nice, as I have mentioned before, to be on campus where all my new friends are and so that I can continue to meet new people easier.

Right now I am kind of concerned about my mom getting home. She works in the Virginia/DC area and she emailed me and said that there’s major flooding in that area and that she was going to go to her friend’s house that lives there for the time being. This could mean that she might not get home for hours. I just hope that she gets home safely. And for anyone who’s out driving tonight in this terrible rain, be careful!! Cars are a lot less tough than people think they are.

In fashion news, I am extremely bummed. As many of you may know by now, tonight is Fashion’s Night Out. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a shopping event that started a couple years ago in New York City and has since spread to locations all around the country. It’s basically a night where stores have special events, performers and promotions going on to get people to come out and shop. I was planning on going to it this year because every other year that it has been held, something has gotten in the way of me going. Well something did again this year. If you have read my previous posts, you know that later this month I’m going to visit the school LIM in New York. I told my mom that I would be doing enough shopping when I go for that trip and we can just save up our money and skip FNO this year. So for now, I am getting my fix with FNO updates on Twitter and Facebook. I just have my fingers crossed and my hopes up that next year I will be able to attend. Well, actually I probably will be able to if I stick to my plan of transferring to LIM for next fall!

Also related to my wonderful life of fashion, I got another update about the fashion show I’m going to be in next weekend. On the email I got from the woman organizing it she said that it would be possible that the stylists would want to cut and/or dye my hair. I was really hoping that they would want to dye my hair, I really wanted to get a new look (plus it will be for free!). So today, I was very excited when I got the call from her saying that they want to lighten my hair a little bit for a look that is more fall than my almost-black hair is right now. During the call, we planned for me to go in next Friday to get my hair done and probably have my fitting as well. I am so excited! I am trying to get some of my friends to go, I think that would be really fun to have people there watch me strut my stuff :p

Tonight should be fun, I am looking forward to it. I am going to go to a friend’s place to watch some television and just hang out. I am really loving this new person that I have become. Someone who stays at home because she is too afraid that there may be food at any social thing I go to. Someone who is so wrapped up with obsessions about food that I can’t focus on anything, that I can’t even fall asleep at night. Someone who was slowly losing every friend I had. Someone who was making my family fear for my life. Someone who was on the cusp of death. Looking back, I am just so thankful for everyone who has been there for me through all or any stages of this tough road of recovery that I am on. I know it’s not an easy battle, but knowing all the success that I have made and the freedom I have gotten back, I know that every minute and every struggle is definitely worth it in the long run.

Well I just finished up a wonderful dinner. I made my baked macaroni and cheese. If you want to try it out, I put the recipe up in my recipes section! It’s so much better than boxed stuff. I think for the rest of the evening I’m going to head down into my basement and study some until it’s time to go to hang out with my friend. Check back for another update later 🙂


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