Overall, it’s been another good day. This morning I got up earlier than usual and went to school at 10:00 to meet with the director of residential life. I was there to talk to him about wanting to move onto campus. He told me that there was a girl, Brittany, who was currently in a single room and that I would be able to move in with her on Monday. I was so excited! I didn’t expect it to all happen this quickly considering I put in my request for living on campus a couple days ago. I am going to be living in the Shriner dorm which is all girls and Amanda told me that they have the nicest dorms there. The only thing I’m worried about is how on earth I am going to be able to pack all my stuff up this weekend with everything going on. It will be crazy. At least I can sort of move things in in shifts since I only live 15 minutes away. A friend said that he would help me move in, so today I made some oatmeal raisin cookies to pay him for his effort. God, I am just such a nice person. It kills me.

This morning I had my second French exam. I totally dominated it. I blew through it and was the first one done; it didn’t even take me a half hour to complete it. After that, I headed home for a little bit before it was time for me to go to my hair appointment in preparation for the fashion show tomorrow.

The man who styled my hair was absolutely hilarious. We got along so well and were just making fun of each other and other people in the salon the whole time. He gave me some red-tinted highlights around the front of my face and cut my bangs back in. It looks awesome. Here’s a picture.He wanted to do my hair lighter than this, but he noticed that I already had nearly black dye in it and he said that if we wanted to go lighter that would involve bleaching it all which would just destroy my hair. But, I’m really happy with the way that it turned out. After my hair was done, we went to show the woman who is organizing the whole event and she approved. She also told me that she changed my outfit from Ann Taylor Loft. I was so happy to hear that. The original outfit that I was supposed to wear was just really matronly and unflattering. The new outfit is a tan and blue nautical striped shirt, a khaki skirt and a black fitted sweater with faux fur around the collar. I stopped by the store to check it out and I really liked this outfit so much better.

By the time all that was finished, it was almost 5:00. I went to the grocery store and picked up stuff for dinner. I made vegetarian chili with a bunch of different beans and tomatoes in it. It was really yummy and the hint of brown sugar I put in it added just the perfect amount of sweetness. RIght now I’m just trying to put off studying for history for as long as possible. My ancient teacher gave us a pretty comprehensive study guide for what’s going to be on our test on Monday, so I was pretty happy about that. I was reading reviews of her on and, other than everyone commenting about how often she says “um”, most people wrote about how notoriously easy her tests are. Come to think about that class, I need to continue reading my stupid book about James Madison for the “book report” coming up- aka three questions we have to answer in 3-4 pages.

Also, my friend Gabrielle who lives in Florida has enlisted me to help her in picking out a dress for her to wear on her birthday. She wants to have a gold sequined short-sleeved mini dress. It is surprisingly difficult to find these that are at a reasonable price, but it is a challenge that I am willing to take on! If anyone finds one that’s under $150, please let me know!

Tonight there is a “foam bash” on campus that I think I am going to go to. It figures that one of the few events that they do outside is on the coldest day of the summer. Hopefully I don’t catch a cold; it would not be fun to have to model with snot dripping out of my nose and coughing so violently like my lung is about to fall out. Sorry for the gross visual, but everyone knows that colds are just not cute. It also is just my luck that Colleen asked me to go right after I took off all my makeup, put my face cream on, threw my hair up in a ponytail and got dressed in my pajamas. Oh well, I will just have to change back into something else. At least I will be able to wear cute and cozy fall-weather clothes 🙂

Anyway, as you probably know, the fashion show is tomorrow and I could not be more excited. I have to be at the salon at 2 tomorrow to get my hair and makeup done and then the show starts at either 6 or 6:30. After the show we are going to go to Isabella’s for dinner, the Spanish tapas restaurant that I was hoping we would go to. I will make sure to update on how that goes either tomorrow night or Sunday


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