And The Countdown Begins

It’s almost time for me to head over to the salon to start getting pampered for the fashion show tonight! I am beyond excited. I just checked the weather and, although it’s going to be a little chilly, it looks like there’s not any rain in the forecast which is a good sign. I am getting a little nervous about the whole body image aspect of what’s going to happen. I am worried that I will just spend my whole time comparing myself to everyone else there; picking out people who are thinner than me, prettier than me, taller than me and look better in their outfits than me. I know this is a pretty irrational thought to have because they wouldn’t have asked me to be in the show if I was as downright hideous as I see myself as, but I just automatically think these things all the time. It’s basically the first thing that I do when I enter a room- assess who is there that is thinner and prettier than me. And most of the time I find that I am able to pick out many people who fit these categories. It’s pretty easy to fit my criteria, though.

This morning has been so boring. I just cannot find the motivation to sit down and study for the history test I have coming up. My mom is at the table with me and she is painting examples for our face painting table we’re running at her work’s family day and that is really distracting. I end up on Facebook or playing games on the internet almost every five minutes. I’m probably stressing out about this test way too much, but I just have a feeling that when the paper is down in front of me I’m just going to draw a blank. Anyway, I plan on taking my history books with me to the salon today so I can try to study for a little bit and get myself more prepared. I mean, I have to be there at 2 and the show doesn’t start until 6 or 6:30 and I doubt that it will take me 4+ hours to get my hair and makeup done. When I get myself ready in the morning that whole process takes about 15 minutes.

Well I’m done procrastinating for now. I have to go get dressed to head over to the salon and pack my lunch. I am not liking the fact that I will have to go there with absolutely no makeup on. Right now my skin is breaking out a lot because I have just changed medications for acne and it hasn’t had time to kick in yet. I will update later.


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