The Morning After

So it’s almost noon on Sunday, the day after the fashion show. It was so much fun! I got to the salon around 2 and got my hair washed and blown out. Then I got my makeup done. Even though it made me look like a Barbie doll/prostitute, it looked awesome. The woman, Sarah, who did it first airbrushed on my foundation. That was the first time I got that done. She spent about a half hour doing it which I found funny because that’s longer than it takes me to get dressed and do my hair and makeup on a typical day. She gave me a cat eye and fake eyelashes. Here’s a picture of the finished product.After I got my makeup done, it was about 3:30, so I had quite a bit of time before the show started. Thankfully (I guess) I brought one of my books for history so I got some homework done. At 5:30, it was time to go over to an empty store in the shopping center where we were all supposed to change. I was the first one in there and I got my first outfit on. I hadn’t tried it on before, so it was too big. It was a khaki skirt that hit around my knees, a blue and tan nautical striped shirt and a black fitted sweater with a fur collar. It looked better on than I had expected it to. After that, we just all chilled in the room until it was time to go out for our first walk through.

The stage wasn’t a typical runway- it was just a large square stage because there were bands playing all day. There was a whole band set up on stage so that presented some difficulty for maneuvering our way around the stage. We were supposed to stop 5 times on the stage for a pose that would last for 5 seconds. No one did this. Everyone just found their way around a bunch of cables on the stage and posed three times in the front of the stage.

After that run, I had to go back to the store and change into my second look. I was quite surprised when I opened my garment bag; it was a totally different outfit that I had never seen before. My name was on the garment bag, though, so I just put it on anyway. It was a black knit dress, black patterned tights and a floppy red hat. I guess it looked cute because everyone was complementing me on it, but there weren’t any mirrors around so I never got a look at it.

I felt really bad for some people. One of the stores in the shopping center is a sports memorabilia store so some people had to wear frumpy sports team sweatpants, jerseys and baseball caps. Also, the final run was supposed to be some of the people wearing clothes that they picked out from Goodwill because that is what the fashion show was benefiting. I would have said no way if they asked me to do that. It may seem snobby, but I just do not want to wear clothes from Goodwill, I’ve been there before (don’t ask me why) and it is just so dirty and disgusting in there. There’s a reason why clothes get donated there- no one wants them anymore. However, because the band came late, there was no time for the Goodwill look to go. I was glad for everyone there. One girl had this absolutely hideous shirt that had shoulder pads in it. SHOULDER PADS! Ew.

There was also a run through with kids showing looks from Gymboree. Most of them were adorable. It was really weird because my art teacher from middle school was there and her daughter was in the show. That little girl thought she was just the cutest thing, but she was sadly mistaken. She was just obnoxious. After the kids showed their outfits, the band pulled them all up on stage and did their own rendition of the Spongebob Squarepants song. This little girl was dancing like crazy right in the front center of the stage. It was so cute.

After the show, we headed downtown to go to dinner at Isabella’s. We drove separately and both tried to go in the parking garage. I had to drive through it two times before I found a spot. My parents ended up having to leave that garage and go somewhere else, so I was waiting in the restaurant by myself for basically the whole time. As always, dinner was absolutely delicious.

Once we were done eating, I went home to get changed before I headed back to campus with Amanda. It was one of our friend’s birthday so there was a little get together in one of the dorms. People started to slowly make their way out and then we heard there was a party going on in the apartment complex. We all hopped in my car and I drove everyone over there. However, right before we were about to knock on the door where we thought the party was, we found out that it was actually somewhere else. Thankfully we didn’t disturb someone. We got back in my car and asked the people who were throwing the party if it was okay if we came but they never responded so we took that as a definite no. Then, we found out that everyone who left the dorm to “go back to their rooms” were in fact going to this party that we weren’t invited to. That kind of pissed everyone off. I mean, it’s totally fine if  you want to go to a party but you could at least not lie about it and tell us where you’re going.

By then everyone was kind of getting tired so I drove them back to campus. Then Amanda and I went to head home. We stopped at Sheetz to get some gas and food. Then I came home, had some yummy cookies n creme ice cream and watched Chelsea Lately before heading to bed. Today I am going to go to yoga again with a friend in my French class. I am really looking forward to that because I haven’t been to yoga or pilates in a couple weeks. I also have to do some serious packing. I still haven’t even begun to get anything together to move in to my dorm tomorrow. I should probably not be blogging right now and doing that, but oh well. It’s not like it really takes me that long to throw stuff in a suitcase. The things that will take the most time is locating my mattress pad, linens and shower caddy. I have no idea where those things are, so hopefully my mom will be able to find them

Well I guess I’ll get back to studying. I’m almost done with my history study guide and I just really want to get it done and over with.



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