Today has been stupid. I woke up and have had another headache all day long. My phone has gotten such shitty reception. I didn’t get any texts all day long and they are just now coming in. Ugh such an inconvenience. I have to watch a 2-hour video for a paper for my Psychology of Women class. It is a debate between two psychologists on gender differences and similarities. The first presenter I could hear fine with my volume turned all the way up. When the second presenter came on, however, I couldn’t hear a word she was saying. It was so obnoxious. For the paper I have to take a stance of who won the debate and I am just going to take the first presenter’s side just because I could hear everything he was saying.

I was printing out my notes that I had taken this past week and I ran out of staples after I stapled the first set. I was trying to print out other stuff and ran out of paper.

After my French class is over tomorrow at 11:20, I am going home to meet my mom and head to the train station to leave for New York. I still have yet to pack. I have made some progress, though; I brought my suitcase in from my car, so that’s a start, right?

At 6:00 I met friends for dinner at the dining hall. They had some pretty good options tonight. There was breakfast for dinner with pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs. I didn’t get that, though. I ended up getting some applesauce and risotto with edamame and mushrooms. Needless to say, I will never pass up an opportunity for some risotto. They have a schedule at the tables about different specials throughout the month. Coming up on Tuesday is something called “Choo Choo Night.” I can’t seem to figure out what that could possibly mean. My friend Meghan was going to go to the gym after dinner and asked me if I wanted to go with her. I told her that I had some homework to do because I had a feeling that if I went with her I would have totally gone over-exercised. I was proud of myself for making that decision. Also, I would have felt like if I had gone with her she would have noticed me over-exercising and would tell that something was wrong. One of the last things I want to do is cause people to worry about me. So, instead of going to work off everything that I have eaten today and then some, I came back to the dorm, took a shower and made myself some coffee.

My mom called and she is going to bring me some Tylenol. I asked her on Facebook if she would bring me some but she hasn’t gotten back to me until now. I feel bad that she is making a special trip all the way out here just to do this for me. But, I am also happy that she is; last night my headache was so bad that I could barely get to sleep and kept waking up in the middle of the night. I am beginning to wonder if something in the room is causing my allergies to work up again. I think that when I come back from New York I will bring some Zyrtec with me just to see if that helps things because I really can’t continue to live in this pain every day.

Thursday night is one of my favorite nights of the week. Unlike most of the population, I do not rot my brain watching the disgusting Jersey Shore. I entertain myself with watching The Office, Parks and Recreation and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I just recently started watching Sunny and it is hilarious. I know that it’s the season premier of the Office and Parks and Recreation, but I have my fingers crossed that it will also be a new episode of 30 Rock. Tracy Jordan always cracks me up on that show.

I had therapy again today. When I was in the waiting room before my appointment this obnoxious teenage boy came out and then he started sucking on his lollipop so noisily and disgustingly. I was hungry but once started this stuff I totally lost my appetite. My session went really well. We talked about going to New York. I read the draft of my letter to my therapist and we decided that I am going to send it. The way I look at it, things are already really freaking awkward, so how much worse can they get? I am planning on sending it tomorrow once my class is over so I don’t have to worry about running into who I am sending it to, even though we don’t have a class together tomorrow. I just want to give it time to settle in before we have class on Tuesday.

Right now I am sitting around in the dorm watching the show Baggage on GSN with my roomie and it is absolutely ridiculous. It’s a dating show where people reveal their extra baggage. Some of the ones on this episode were sleeping with an 18-foot python, installing a tracking app on his girlfriend’s phone, modeling his life after amine, dumping someone if they have ugly feel, blowing his 20K bank account on a motorcycle, and having 2 weapons in every room. Totally deal breakers.

Well I think I will wrap things up with this. I need to start listening to this godforsaken psychological debate again and get started on my paper. It should be a fun trip to New York working on my papers and reading the most boring book ever-the biography of James Madison- on the train there. Thanks for reading. I will update later 🙂


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