Rain, Rain, Go Away

When I woke up this morning I saw that the parking lot outside of our room was wet but I couldn’t tell that it was raining. A girl from the room next door stopped by and said that it was raining. I thought that it may have just been sprinkling. I left the room to head to my one class of the day, got all the way at the bottom of the stairs, and realized that I forgot my coffee. By the time I first left the room it was three minutes until my class started, so I knew that I was going to be late anyway so I didn’t really care about having to go back for my coffee. When I got outside, it was absolutely pouring down rain. I was running to class and was soaking wet by the time I got there. I thought that the rain had stopped near the end of class but when I went to leave I saw that it was in fact still raining. Woo hoo! I got to get wet again everything that had dried off in class. It better not be raining like this in New York, that’s for sure. If it is, that’s going to be a serious problem.

Well, I just needed to vent this quickly. It’s time to finish packing up all my last things and head over to my house to leave for the train station. I will try to post later about how things are going up there, but if I don’t have any wifi in my room I will update once I get back on Sunday.


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