Dietitian Tomorrow

I am dreading going to see my dietitian tomorrow. I just know that I have gained weight and am now
Above my goal weight. Ever since I moved onto campus I have been eating uncontrollably and it is absolutely disgusting. I hate the fat pig I have become. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m eating what I have denied myself for so long or what, but it needs to stop.
I hate my body so much. All I want to wear are leggings and sweatpants. I have a small anxiety attack every time I put jeans on because I am counting on them not fitting me anymore. I want to start exercising again so that I can tone up my body into an appearance that I can learn to accept. Yoga/pilates one time per week just isn’t cutting it. I have a yoga DVD at home that I think I will bring back with me. I certainly have enough room in my dorm to do yoga. And who knows, other people may want to do it with me.
Well this was just a ranting post. I need to get back to homework now.


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