Corn Maze Time

Tonight should be quite fun. We’re going to a corn maze and bonfire with a big group of people. Before we go there, Amanda, my roommate Brittany and our friend Lacey are going to Miyako for dinner. There’s going to be basically all of my friends going with us. I am just so excited to get out! I hope that there’s a party or something to do afterward because I just feel like going out.

Earlier today I had therapy in the morning. We talked about my visit to LIM and decided that I am going to start going to therapy every 2 weeks because I am doing so well. After that, I had to go to French class. We were supposed to have an exam today but because our teacher has been sick she postponed it until Monday. Once I got back to my room Amanda texted me and I met her and some other people in the dining hall. I had just had breakfast about an hour and a half earlier so I just had some grapes. We spent about an hour there and then we went to the Apple Lab to do some work. I tried to read my stupid James Madison book, but I only got through 8 pages. We were there for at least an hour and a half. I came back to my room and continued reading and got much more done without the distractions in the lab.

I finished a chapter and then took a quick shower to freshen up. By then it was lunchtime so I made a sandwich for myself. After I finished some more reading I walked over to Safeway to get some groceries for the family day event tomorrow and Subway to get a yogurt parfait for breakfast tomorrow. Let me tell you, the commercials for those parfaits are very misleading. They are in a cup only slightly larger than a dixie cup. Whatever, I’ll find something to do. My mom said that there are microwaves at her work so I can bring a packet of oatmeal and make some there.

A couple days ago I bought some weird Sobe drink. It was a raspberry-lemonade flavor but when I tasted it, it tasted like alcohol. I made Amanda try it and she told me that I should give it to someone and tell them that there’s alcohol in it and see what they do. That should be interesting because I know people in high school used to think they were drinking when they really weren’t and just act so retarded.

Well it’s time to go to dinner. I will post pictures (if I remember to take some) from tonight later!


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