I Hate Sickness

These past two days have been slightly miserable. Yesterday I woke up with a terrible sore throat and today it has continued. I was worried that I might have strep, so I went to the health center and the nurse said that I probably didn’t have it just from looking down my throat. She said she could do the test with the swab, but I told her no, that I would just give it a couple days and if things don’t get better then I would go back and get the actual test. She told me to just drink a lot of fluids and gave me about 20 ibuprofen pills to help with the inflammation in my throat. Well, keeping my fluid intake high would be a lot easier if it didn’t hurt to swallow everything.

On Monday I had a French test. It was originally supposed to be on Friday but because my teacher was sick and missed a couple days, she pushed it back. It, as usual, went very well. I think that I will get it back tomorrow, on Thursday. I am pretty sure that I will get an A on it. After dinner I went to the gym here on campus with my friend Meghan for the first time. She warned me that the gym is pretty small and she wasn’t lying. There were four treadmills, three broken bikes, three ellipticals and some weights. I did the elliptical for 20 minutes before I got too tired and then I did some abs work. It felt really great to be able to get in the gym again and exercise in a healthy way; because it felt good instead of to burn off more calories than I would eat in a day. Being there with a friend also helped because I know if I were alone I would probably be tempted to overdo things without the watchful eye of a friend keeping check on me.

Yesterday was a pretty good day, too. Although I had my early class (8:55 which means to wake up at 8:00) I still had a pretty good day. French was boring, I did a crossword puzzle the whole time. It was hard to really concentrate and talk and participate in class with such a terrible sore throat. I hope I didn’t get participation points taken off, but I don’t really care either way. When I went into Psychology Of Women class a girl came in and said that we have an interview due next Thursday. This was so irritating to me. On the syllabus the only thing it said about this was that it was due on that day, nothing about the requirements for it. When the teacher got in the class someone asked her to explain it to us and she spent an hour going over it. She said that we would be getting a paper outlining what we need to do for it but she still has yet to give it to us. All that I know that we have to do is interview a woman who is either 10+ years younger or older than us about her life and then apply what she tells us to what we’ve learned in our book and figure out whether her life is consistent with what we’ve learned or not. I plan on interviewing my dietitian about what made her decide to get to be a dietitian. I have to meet with her tomorrow right after class so I will probably spend tonight studying for my News Writing midterm and making up questions for her.

After dinner I went over to my friend Pat’s room to study with people from our Mass Media class for our midterm that was the next day. It was fun to just chill with friends and get to know each other better. At 9:00 I had to go back to my dorm, though, for a hall meeting. That was so boring. There was this really strange girl like rolling around on the floor and I could see her underwear strait through her pants. The only thing I could think was that I am SO happy that my roommate is nothing like her. If that were the case I have no idea what I would do. After the meeting I got a text from my roommate saying she was out with friends and would be back a little after 10:00. I texted her around 10:30 when she wasn’t back yet and she said she was at Buffalo Wild Wings and would be leaving there soon. At 11:00 I texted her when she still wasn’t back and she said that the car of the person who was driving her and one other person broke down and they were stuck at the gas station closest to school. I told her that I would hop in the car and go pick her up. I got there around 11:15/11:30ish and we had to wait around until midnight for the tow truck to get there. Talk about a weird night! Once we got back we both just crashed and went to sleep.

Today I got to wake up “late”- 9:30. I took my time getting ready and somehow made it to class on time. When I was getting up I had to force myself to eat breakfast; my sore throat just made me have absolutely no appetite whatsoever. French was boring, we had to keep repeating vocabulary which was so painful on my throat. History was slow as well, but I was doing crosswords while taking notes so that helped to speed things along a little faster. During my break before my Mass Media and Society class I met up with Amanda and she helped me study. I felt really prepared for the midterm because I knew basically everything that she asked me from my study guide. When I got to class, the test was a complete joke. Not only was it only 10 points, it took me less than 25 minutes to complete. Even though it was so easy I couldn’t understand how this one girl in class finished in about 10 minutes. That was just ridiculous. I got back to my dorm and decided that I should probably get back in the habit of reading my textbooks before the class when we discuss the material so I started to read my psych book on the sexuality chapter. I’m no prude or anything, but some of the things that were written in the book were really disgusting. I could have been better off just not reading it at all.

Once I got the chapter done, I headed home to pick up my mail and some more clothes (surprise, surprise). I had a new People magazine and the garter from my Halloween costume waiting for me and I picked up some plain black long sleeve shirts and a dress to wear to the next dance that’s coming up on the 22nd. I am about to jump out of my skin with excitement. At the first dance of the year I had so much fun and I know that this time it will be even better now that I’m living on campus and won’t have to worry about driving home when I’m exhausted at 2:00 a.m. Plus, I highly doubt that we will be in the middle of another hurricane again like last time.

I got back to campus around 5:15 and met some of my friends to watch the end of the girl’s field hockey game and then get dinner. The portion of the game that I saw was really good. Everyone was playing really well. The game ended in a tie: 3-3, so there was an overtime. The overtime was allotted 15 minutes and with 5 minutes left, the other team scored a goal. It was so close though, and our players did an awesome job. After that, we all went to dinner. I had some butternut squash soup, cottage cheese and some awesome cornbread. It was so good I had two pieces. Now I am just sitting in the room waiting for Brittany to get back from dinner so that we can go out to the hookah bar with a group of friends. I hope that I am feeling up to it when the time comes for us to leave. My sore throat is coming back and I think I might just hang out at the hookah bar and talk instead of smoke if I still feel bad. Last time I went there, my throat hurt by the end of the night and I can only image that it would hurt even worse if I smoked tonight when my throat already hurts as it is.

Well that’s all for now. I will try to post again tomorrow. Thanks for reading and sorry I haven’t posted in a couple days.


One thought on “I Hate Sickness

  1. Sweetie, Sorry you are not feeling well. A little Motherly advice – don’t let it linger too long before going back to a doctor. My daughter was particularly vulnerable to relapse when she became ill due to a normal decrease in appetite. But I am sure you already knew that 🙂

    Sounds like you are enjoying school and doing well!! You are lucky. Get well soon. Caron

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