Things Are Looking Up

Lately, things have just been so great. I have been loving life. It’s amazing to feel this way after spending such a long time trapped in the seemingly endless depression I was in. Classes are going really well. Things are relatively easy. I mean I did take the same communications class at Loyola that I have now but I don’t really remember much from it. I just got back a test from French and I got a 99 on it. I looked online at my grade for my News Writing class and I got a 9.75 out of 10, so I am pretty happy about that. It was a pretty challenging test so I am glad that my studying (regardless of how little I did of it) paid off. If that class is any indication as to how I will do for my Mass Media and Society test, things are looking pretty promising.

Yesterday was just so much fun. I had one class, French, as usual. During class I felt pretty sick and I had to just step out of class for a couple minutes. I thought I was going to be sick so I went to the bathroom but thankfully I was wrong. After class I came back to my room, had a little something to eat and then got a text from Amanda. She wanted to hang out, so I met her at Whitaker. We got into her car and drove over to Party City so she could look for a Halloween costume. I got another cute decoration for my dorm while we were there. We tried on all these ridiculous wigs, too.

Amanda never ended up getting a costume because they either didn’t have what she wanted or the ones she liked were too expensive. Most of them were around $50. I would not pay that much for an outfit that you’re going to wear once a year. I mean, for everything for my costume I probably paid about $10. After that, we came back to campus and hung out for a while until it was time for her to go to work. I spent a little time doing homework and then met my friend Meghan for dinner in the dining hall. Unlike me, I went there in sweatpants, with wet hair and no makeup on at all. I looked so homeless and I will definitely not be doing that again. The only reason why I did it was because most people have gone home for the long weekend so campus is pretty empty. After dinner I went home to pick up the medicine that I stupidly forgot the night before when I went home to get it and to interview my mom for my psych class project. My dad was home so I talked to him for a little bit. The present that I ordered for Amanda had come in the mail! It was a book called “Boo: the world’s cutest dog.” We had looked at pictures of this adorable dog online and I knew that I had to order a book for her and I. I went to her work to give her the book and some of my cold medicine because she is starting to come down with a cold, too. Once I got back to campus I popped my yoga DVD in and did that for about an hour. It was really relaxing and just calmed me down and took my focus off of my cold for a bit.

I got a text from Meghan telling me that there was a Jersey Shore themed party going on that night and to start getting ready. This is where my night started to get exciting! I always love an opportunity to get dressed up, even if it means looking like a complete tramp. Try to tell me you don’t like doing the same and you’d be lying. Well I started getting ready by doing my hair. I was going to tease it and put it in a poof like Snooki does. Well I was getting worried because in the process, my hair was just looking like a mullet. It’s not too easy to tease and pull back bangs, just a word of caution if you ever attempt the same. When it was complete, though, it looked fine. I moved on to my makeup and did an intense cat eye. I wore a maroon one-shoulder body-con dress and nude heels. I guess I looked okay.

 Even though I was the last to start getting ready, I was the first one done in the group of us that were going together. Four of us headed over to another dorm building to get some stuff and pick up other people. We drove over to the apartments to find the party around 11. The party was at an apartment of one of the girls on the track team, so it was the same crowd of people who were at the last party I went to. Overall the party was so fun. We took a lot of pictures and had a great time. My friend Rachel and I left around 1:30. When we got back to campus we ran into the group of people we went to the party with as they were on their way to McDonald’s. I hopped in the car with them but didn’t get anything to eat for myself. I didn’t have any money and didn’t particularly want anything anyway. We got back to campus and hung out in a room across the hall from me for a bit and I went back to my room around 3 and crawled into bed. I didn’t even bother changing out of my dress, combing my hair or taking my makeup off, which is VERY unlike me.

When I woke up in the morning around 9:45, I didn’t want to see how disgusting I looked at all. I grabbed my shower stuff, a change of clothes and a comb and headed to the bathroom. I was so revolted at how bad I looked when I saw my reflection. My makeup was all smeared; somehow some of my eyeliner had ended up on my cheek. My hair was all disheveled. It took me over 15 minutes to comb the tease out of it. That was painful and I learned the hard way to never do that again. After I showered I came back and picked up my room because it looked like a tornado had ripped through it from the mess I made getting ready last night. I posted the pictures from last night on Facebook and I was a little irritated at how ugly I look in all of them. I either look asian (not that that’s a bad thing; it’s just not how I usually look), pale, or like my arms are as big as my thighs. It is repulsive at how big they are. I try to think of this feeling as just ED talking back at me because he is pissed that I am out having a good time without him, but it’s just so hard to actually believe that.

Today is going to be pretty chill before night falls. I am going to meet my mom at Costco so I can get pictures developed and actually start to decorate and personalize my side of the dorm. We will probably go out and grab some lunch, too. I also need to look for a larger mirror to put in my room. The little itty-bitty mirror on my desk that I use when I get ready is really insufficient and needs to go. It’s literally not good for doing anything. Thinking about it, I also could really go for an eyebrow wax. I’m a little overdo for another one. I will probably go to the place in Spring Ridge, they always seem to do a pretty good job and it’s not too expensive there.

Tonight my friend Colleen is having some people over to her house. I am going to go with Amanda and then spend the night there so I won’t have to worry about getting back to campus somehow. I am really excited to see Colleen again, she has been gone for over a week with her Coastal Studies program at school, so it will be nice to get to see her again. It will also be really fun to reunite with her and Amanda! I rarely get to hang out with Amanda because of her work schedule being so crazy, so I am glad she was finally able to work out something with that.

Well it’s time to go out and meet my mom at Costco. I will update later on how the rest of the weekend pans out!


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