Happy Columbus Day!

This fall break has been so much fun. In honor of good old Christopher Columbus, we don’t have classes Monday (today) or Tuesday. Colleen’s party on Saturday was a success. Amanda and I left Hood around 9:00 to go to her house which was 11 minutes away according to Mapquest. Well, mapquest failed to mention that there were two roads with the same name, so I ended up turning down not one, but two incorrect roads and getting us lost. Turns out I didn’t get too far out of the way, so we were at Colleen’s probably around 9:30. Colleen said that there was a guy she was trying to set me up with, so I was pretty excited about that. When I got there she pointed him out to me and he was pretty cute, but it was so hard to get a conversation going with him. After everyone left we were downstairs and I tried asking him about what music he likes and what he likes to do for fun and he told me his answers but never asked me anything. I don’t know if it was because it was 6:00 in the morning and we were both exhausted, but I was tired of trying. It’s Monday now and I haven’t heard about him asking them about me so as far as I’m concerned, that ship has sailed. But I’m not too bummed about it because I was never even on the ship to begin with. Other than that whole situation, the party was really, really fun. I made a complete fool of myself, dancing and singing alone for part of the night, but I had fun so that’s all that matters. I didn’t end up falling asleep until 6:30 in the morning. I have never stayed up that late before, so I have no idea how I was able to function at the level of exhaustion that I was at. I woke up around 1 and Colleen was downstairs with everyone making “breakfast”. If you can even call it breakfast at that time. I ended up heading out a little past 2:00 and coming back to campus. I did a little work and then somehow got myself ready to head to Pilates. It has been a while since I had gone and considering the weekend that I had, I definitely could use the exercise.

Pilates kicked my ass. It was so much harder than it has ever been before. There was only one other woman in the class so it was a lot of one-on-one attention from the instructor. Even though it was hard, it felt so good when I was done and I will definitely be going back when the same woman is teaching it again. After that, I went to the grocery store and went home (home home, not dorm home) to make Brittany some cupcakes. Last week sometime I accidentally locked her out of the room and she had to call campus security to let her back in, so I told her that I would make her some cupcakes to make up for it. I baked her some Red Velvet cupcakes with sprinkles in them from scratch and they were so yummy. I was going to stay for dinner but I decided that I would just go back to campus and let my parents eat by themselves. I didn’t feel like waiting around until they were ready to eat because I was starting to get hungry from eating so much earlier than I am used to here at school. So I packed my things up and got back to campus at 6:30. Brittany was back from home when I got back so she told me all about her weekend. She went shopping a lot and I am very jealous. We tried to go to the dining hall around 7:30 but it was already closed, so we just came back to the room. We were planning on going to Whitaker for some wing night thing they were having, but the girls from across the hall came over and said there was a party at one of the lacrosse guys’ apartments and they wanted us to go with them. Usually parties here don’t start until 10 or 11, so I was sure we’d have plenty of time to get something to eat and to get ready. Wrong again. They wanted to leave by 8:15. We both scrambled to get ready in time, I mean it was only like a 1/2 hour. This was a little harder for me considering that I hadn’t done anything to my hair the whole day, I hadn’t even brushed it, or put on any makeup. I really didn’t feel like putting on real pants so I went with the comfortable leggings look. Can’t go wrong there. We started walking over there and got to the apartment before 9:00. Things didn’t start getting crowded until after 10:00 but it was still fun. People were constructing a pyramid out of cans and I spent way too much time trying to work on it throughout the night. We ended up heading back to campus sometime after midnight, but I can’t be certain what time it exactly was. We went over to our friend Pat’s room for a little bit and I was literally falling asleep. I was so exhausted. Partying really wears you out! Brittany and I came back and she was a good roommate and made me at least change my clothes before I went to bed. Getting up into my tall bed that’s like 4 feet off the ground was a bit of a challenge and took some work.

This morning I got up around 11:45 and get dressed really quickly and headed to brunch with Brittany. As usual, I had some oatmeal. It was yummy and just what I needed to wake me up. We came back and decided to go to Whitaker to get some work done. My friend messaged me on Facebook and told me that she’s having a “New World” themed party at her house today and that I should come and dress up. Well, I have no idea what to wear to this party. My friend said that she’s dressing as an Indian. I decided on a white t-shirt and some feather earrings. I hope I look new world-ish enough. Brittany, Amanda and I are going to head out sometime soon for that. It should definitely be fun and, unlike last night, I have my camera charged and ready to go. I will post more later! Thanks for reading 🙂


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