A Boring Life

God, life has been so boring today! This morning I had to wake up a half hour earlier than I normally do so I could have time to get all the contraband items in my room hidden in case our RA decided to do our room search today. I am going to be so mad if she waits until the last day to do it, which is the 19th. I do not want to have to pull all the shit hiding my fridge out every time I want to get something to eat. In French I got a quiz back that we took on Friday and I got a 99% on it. Once again, I am the bomb. :p. In history I actually didn’t take out my crossword puzzle book! I just took notes and doodled the whole time. At the end of class our teacher handed back our book reports and I got an A- on it. She never wrote what the actual percent grade on it, but I am pleased with my grade nonetheless. Mass Media and Society is killing me. I am currently in this class and I am going crazy. I can’t sit still and the teacher’s voice is grating on my last nerve. She handed back our midterms at the beginning of class and I got 14.25/15 points; I am happy. I almost lost it when she was walking around class to hand the papers back- she tripped and almost fell on top of people not one, but two times in less than 10 minutes. So pathetic. At least she wasn’t wearing her hideous denim skirt, that would have made the whole situation that much more funny. We were talking about movies and she asked us about why and how often we go to the movie theatre and one girl said that she actually goes to the Fathom Events, like operas, plays and concerts. What a freaking weirdo. I didn’t know anyone under the age of 70 actually went to those. She is probably the only loser who goes. Well never mind, she probably goes with her parents so there would definitely be at least 3 people there.

After class I have to go home and get a check so from my mom so I can put more money on my credit card account. I am going to work on homework, clean up my paper from the interview I did of my mom and I might go to the gym. I have been feeling like quite the heifer lately, which is freaking annoying. I am SO tired of feeling like an ugly and obese chunk of fat.

Yesterday was such a lazy day with Brittany. It was amazing. We left the room at 11:15 to get brunch, at 5 to go to the dining hall with some friends and at 8:30-ish to go to Subway. When we went to Subway it was actually really embarrassing. I went to pay for my sub that wasn’t even $4 with my credit card (because I had absolutely NO cash on me) and it was declined. I used my app to try and transfer some money and I didn’t even have any money in my account to transfer. Brittany was nice enough to cover it for me so I will pay her back today once I transfer money from my mom’s check to my account. The rest of the day we just stayed in sweatpants all day and watched movies. We watched 7 movies all day long. It was crazy and wonderful. I looked so ugly yesterday too, haha. I put on a black and white dress to go to brunch and then when I got back I threw some hot pink sweats on underneath. At one point I actually went to the bathroom and there were people waiting for the girls across the hall and when I got a couple feet away from them I heard them say “what is she wearing today?” Um excuse me, you are the ones who look like complete hell every day, who are you to be calling me out for wearing sweatpants? It’s break and we have no classes so I get a free pass to look like a bum. I was quite productive yesterday as well. Brittany and I decided to devote a section of our wall to attractive male celebrities. I printed out probably 16 pages of pictures and put them up. I ran out of tape before I could finish putting them up, so I will make sure I go out and get some more today after my class gets out. Last night I got the absolute nicest message from a guy that I went to high school with. He messaged me on Facebook and told me how he thinks it’s awesome that I am so open about what I’ve been going through on my blog. He said that he knows I’ll make it through this and that he always thought I was beautiful. When I read it I literally started crying. It’s so rare that someone tells you this, let alone a guy. I just did not expect something like that and I am going to print out the message and hang it on my wall. It will help to see it on my harder days when it seems like I am not going to get better.

Well that’s all for now. I can’t wait to get out of this class and just relax for the rest of the day.


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