That Has To Go In The Book

Well, Holly just posted all of our inside jokes from Remuda that “went in the book.” I will double check what I have written down at home and see if I need to add any more in. I cracked up when I read these! Totally embarrassing because I was by myself.


1. Use your skeels!

2. Want some feesh?

3. Grazing group

4. Sedation sensation

5. Drama mama

6. Whose eyes are these on the floor? – Vikki

7. Witnessed a miracle

8. Do we have to sit down all day?

9. You’re doing a great job. This has gone on far too long.

10. Core beliefs. a.k.a brainwashing

11. Can I have a flush?

12. Money drink

13. Is the mail here?

14. Let’s keep it to 3 feelings each

15. Times flies when you’re institutionalized

16. Rice krispie treat? Not the treat!

17. I have to eat the whole apple?

18. Using the word “fuck” in therapy with “M” – She probably went home and took a shower

19. She looks like snow white!

20. Bee yo self!

21. Lady giving Erin a kiss

22. Sponge building with Ashley

23. It sounds like a maternity ward in here! – Buddy. Or a whore house – Erin

24. Mindy? Whose favorite movie was The Color Purple?

25. Has she lost it? – Michelle. Oh she lost it a long time ago – Buddy

26. Eating goober peas!

27. He came in the laundry room with me the other day, which isn’t a very big room to begin with. And then it smells like chinese food.

28. ABCDEFG I can’t get these pants on me

29. Peanut butter does not make you constipated

30. ML walking out in the middle of the night and telling Angele she couldn’t walk

31. Snow white and her seven dwarfs

32. She’s in rare form this morning – Angele

33. You are being very dramatic here – Vikki

34. You got all day to do laundry – Vikki

35. It’s cold as crap out here – Vikki

36. Jane and Vikki show

37. You’re burning up my hour! – Buddy

38. Whose sock is this on the floor?- Cyndi

39. Everytime I went in there last night she was up and just staring me in the face – Angele

40. Well you definitely need to get off the toilet then

41. I’m sitting there under blaring lights, bearing my soul. – Erin

42. No, you can’t walk. Get in the golf cart.
I need to walk! Can I please walk?

43. Your language was just downright hateful

44. Down the hatch and out the back

45. You’ve taken us the wrong way Philiipe!

46. I’ll take this burrito since I just fondled it – Erin

47. She asked me if I did my homework and I did but I said no because I just didn’t feel like taking to her – Erin


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