Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

Currently I am sitting around at home waiting for the UPS man to deliver my new iPhone 4S. I am probably one of the most impatient people you will ever meet, so this is an incredibly hard thing for me to do. I got home around 11:45 and found a note on the door saying the UPS man had tried to deliver it, but since it required signing and no one was home, he would be back again on Monday. This was just not an option. I called the number on the slip they left to see if I could possibly stop by the UPS store to pick it up myself but the man called me back and said that his deliverer would be able to come back to the house a little past three. Well, it’s 3:35 and this guy has yet to show up. I am ready to call the UPS people again. I don’t care if I piss them off, I just want my freaking phone already. I decided that this long time of waiting would be a good opportunity to catch up on my TV shows that I haven’t been keeping up with. I watched Wednesday’s episode of Modern Family, episodes of The Office from the past 2 weeks and the first 2 episodes of Gossip Girl from the current season. But now I am finished with my shows and I have nothing to do.

When I was watching the second episode of Gossip Girl, there was something that came up in it that made me happy. One of the main characters, Blair, struggled with bulimia in past seasons and her friends thought that she was having a relapse because she is pregnant and always getting sick in the bathroom, especially when she is around food. One of her friends, Dan, told her that he was not going to let her leave the room she was in until she agreed to get help for her problem (even though she didn’t have one). I thought this was really great that such a popular show can feature a topic that is generally not discussed. And, the show presented it how it really is- dangerous and life-threatening- instead of glamorous and not so serious. I feel that this really shows hope for raising awareness about eating disorders. Hopefully this will show other people struggling with one that they are not alone and that it’s okay to need to seek out help for their problem and it’s nothing to be embarrassed to talk to your friends and family about.

This morning I had to wake up earlier than usual, at 8:30, so I could make it to my appointment with my psychiatrist at 9:00. When I got there, we talked about how I am doing and he said that after my next weigh-in I can start going for monthly weigh-ins if everything is normal, which he expects it to be. He also wants me to start seeing him every two months. I am so happy that I am making such progress that I can start easing off of all the appointments. This will definitely help with keeping my school work in check and my social life open. Thinking about this also reminds me that I need to start working on my blog for my dietitian. I want to get it done as soon as I can and I don’t think that I have any homework this weekend, so hopefully I will be able to start on that and get most of it pumped out.

Tomorrow I am going to be getting on a bus at 6:15 a.m. with my roomie Brittany and heading up to New York City for the day. The school is sponsoring a day trip and we will leave NYC to come back home at 10:45, so we will have the whole day to explore the city that I am going to be spending my future in. 🙂 We definitely want to go to Soho, Times Square, 5th Avenue, Central Park, and the Museum Of Sex 😉 Does anyone have any other suggestions for fun things to do there? I have been there many times, but I know that there’s always something new and exciting to discover there. I saw the cutest dress on the Topshop website. It is short, tight and sequined. I want it sooooo bad. The only problem is that it’s $118 and I really don’t feel like spending that much money on one thing that I probably won’t get much use out of. I would definitely wear it to the dance next weekend but I don’t know. I’ll have to see what else catches my eye while we’re there.

Ugh I think I am going to explode with anticipation. This stupid UPS guy is an HOUR late. I am supposed to be hanging out with Colleen and having girl talk and this jerk-off of a delivery person is NOT helping one bit. If you were supposed to tip delivery people, he would totally not be getting one cent. I told Colleen not to come over to my house because the delivery person would be here soon, and once again, he ruined those plans. I told her that back at 2:45, so she definitely could have had ample time to come over and hang out. This is just getting out of hand. I think I am going to call the UPS people again.

Well I just called the UPS people and I talked to another person. When I told her that I was told the driver was going to come back here to try to deliver the phone again, she seemed very puzzled and I got the impression that this is not something that typically happens. She said that she is going to call the driver of the truck my phone was on and figure out what is going on with this whole situation. I am now starting to get worried that someone stole my phone. I am just so paranoid like that and won’t be able to relax until I have the phone in my hand. I called my mom and she is on her way home and said that if it’s not delivered by the time she gets here that I can go out and she will wait around for it.

OH MY GOD. I am so unbelievably annoyed right now. I just got a call from the UPS people and the woman said that she didn’t know where I got the information from that the driver would be here around 3, because she told me that he would be able to get here between 5:30 and 6:00. WTF???? I have been sitting around at home for almost five hours doing absolutely nothing just to hear that. If I could give a rating on UPS satisfaction I would give a -10. This is just unacceptable. I was perfectly fine with going back to the UPS store all by myself and picking my phone up from them, but nooooo, some idiot had to go and tell me to just wait around and that they would come to me. Well thanks a lot, jerk. You just ruined my whole day. Ughhhh. I am so glad Colleen is coming over now so I can try and relax, this has just been way too stressful of a day. I will end this blog because I know no one likes to hear a complainer bitch and moan.


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