It’s been a while since I last posted, sorry It has taken me so long to update. Let’s see what has happened since my last blog on Friday.

On Friday evening, I got back to campus after my new iPhone was delivered and hung out with Colleen. It was nice to get to see her again, chat and catch up on all that has been happening. We went to the dining hall and got some dinner then went back to my room and finished getting ready for the night. We went over to a friend’s apartment and then went to a dodgeball tournament in the gym at school. It was so fun; students got together and made teams to play each other. There were almost two fights there, so that was exciting. One time, a freshman lacrosse player who was sitting next to me  ran out on the court and got in the face of one of the track guys that had just lost. When he sat back down, the track guy came over and was ready to fight. It got broken up quickly and everyone calmed down. In a later game, a team of lacrosse guys was playing a team of track guys. When the game started and they all rushed for the balls, one of the lacrosse guys kicked a ball and it hit the same track guy in the face. That almost turned into a brawl real fast. All the team members of the two sports came out on the court to back their friends up. It was right in front of me and was pretty crazy. After the game, Brittany and I were trying to find something to do. Even though we had to get up before the sun would rise, we wanted to go out and have fun. We ended up going over to Amanda’s boyfriend’s apartment to chill and got back to the room around 2:00 a.m.

In the morning I got up a little before 5 to get ready to get on the bus to go to New York. I wore a tan tank top with red and black beading from Urban Outfitters, a super cute army green bomber jacket from Club Monaco, Citizens of Humanity jeans and tan heeled Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots. I looked so chic and ready for the big apple. The bus left Hood at 6:15 and we stopped at a Burger King in Pennsylvania on the way there for breakfast. The ED part of me was almost sweating with anxiety and dread over not stopping at a rest stop, where there would definitely be healthy options. If there was nothing healthy on the menu at Burger King, I didn’t know what I was going to do. No was was I going to eat cini minis for breakfast, or worse, a croissant-wich with greasy sausage, fake eggs, and calorie-laden cheese and god knows what else they throw on there. Thankfully, there was oatmeal on the menu, so I got some maple flavor Quaker oatmeal and was pleased as punch over that. I tried so hard to get some sleep on the bus, but that just wasn’t going to happen. No matter how many times I try, it’s just impossible for me to fall asleep on any type of vehicle.

Around 11:15 we got to the city. I was so excited to be back! Traffic was horrid, as usual, and it was torture to be able to see the city from the windows on the bus but not be able to be there. We got dropped off at 42nd & 8th. The people organizing the trip were going to immediately hop on the subway to take a trip to Ground Zero, but Brittany and I went the other way and walked up toward Central Park. We stopped in the Sanrio (spelling?) store and it was a Hello Kitty paradise. I got a Hello Kitty thing to go over my room key and it is so cute. We stopped in Forever 21 after that and I was pleasantly surprised with how much nicer it was there than the stores around my house. I got a brown flowy shirt with pink feathers printed on it around the neckline and a pajama set that donated 10% of the cost to finding the cure for breast cancer.

Once we were done in there, we made our way up to Central Park. It has been a while since I’ve been there, so it was nice to go back again. It is just so serene in there, not being able to hear any of the loud city noises and seeing the sprawling expanse of green grass. There was a really tall boulder and we climbed up on it and took some pictures. It was really funny, too. A lot of the people who drove bike carriages kept trying to get us to take a ride. One even said “damn” under his breath when we said no.

After that, we walked downtown on 5th avenue. We went to FAO Schwartz and were in heaven in the candy section. There were HUGE Reese’s cups, Tootsie Pops and Rice Krispy Treats. A man that worked there came up to me and was asking me what kind of candy I wanted, but it was obvious that he just wanted to talk to me. I told him that I already got some m&ms earlier at the m&m store and he said that he was the “chocolate king” and that I should have bought them from him. He was nagging me over and over to buy some damn candy and it was so annoying. We went upstairs and took a look at the giant piano there that you can walk on. The line was ridiculously long to get on it, so we just watched some kids. There were some Lego sculptures upstairs: Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, the Statue of Liberty and Indiana Jones. There were others, I think, but I can’t remember them. We went to the Barbie section and there was a conveyer belt type thing that put some Barbies on a fashion show. There was a foosball table with Barbies instead of the traditional soccer players.

When we were done in the toy store, we went to one of my favorites, Henri Bendel. I was determined to find a case for my new iPhone, so I thought Bendel’s might have something there for me. I fell in love with this violet faux-snakeskin case until I saw the price. It was $68. No way would I be able to buy that and not feel guilty about spending so much money on such a small thing. I don’t really know why I went in that store expecting to find something reasonably priced, nothing in there ever is. After I tore myself away from the case, we walked around some and tried on crazy-expensive Chanel sunglasses. I thought I had tortured myself enough being a store full of things I can’t afford so we decided to leave. We walked around and looked for a place to eat lunch. I wanted to go to my favorite, Pret A Manger, but it was closed. We ended up going to a place called Earl Of Sandwiches and I had delicious vegetable soup and a fruit cup.

Once we were done with lunch, we found the subway to take to go down to Soho. We got off at Broadway & Prince street and I was in heaven. Once I stepped out of the subway, I saw the flags for Topshop and I was super excited to get there. We went to a couple stores before there, but I was sort of in the zone for going to Topshop. Brittany had never been there before and I think she was overwhelmed at how big and crowded it was. I found a dress for the dance this weekend on the sale rack. It is short, tight, strapless, and leopard print. The best thing about it was that it was half off of $60. I can’t remember the last time I bought a dress for that cheap. I also tried on about five or six other things. I had a little meltdown in the dressing room. I was trying on a tank top and started crying when I looked in the mirror. My stomach has gotten so repulsively fat and I just was absolutely disgusted seeing how terrible the shirt looked on me. It hugged my stomach in all the wrong ways. I immediately took it off. I was so embarrassed. I didn’t want to go out of the dressing room because I thought that everyone would be able to tell that I was crying and would know that it was about how gross I look. When I tried on my dress I was moderately satisfied with it. I still have a lot of fat on my hips and midsection that didn’t look too appealing, but I guess when I get to the dance it will be dark and my body’s flaws will be relatively unnoticeable. I ended up deciding on a tank top that’s burgundy and tan with little black elephants on it. We went to the lingerie section and I was in love with everything. I got a pajama set with shorts and a pink tank top that has closed eyes on the front. I was going to get some socks but I decided on a pair of navy blue underwear with flowers and a peach bow on the back. At the checkout counter, I asked the woman who worked there how she works at Topshop and doesn’t spend all of her money in the store because I had an internship at my favorite boutique and spent money I wasn’t even making. She told me that I should look into getting an internship there and she gave me an email address for who to email my resumé to. I was so excited, it would be awesome, a complete dream come true, to get an internship at Topshop. I would definitely figure out how to swing that if I got the opportunity because it would most likely be in New York City.

We had signed up to meet people from our group at 5:15 in Times Square at Hard Rock Cafe. Well, at 5:05 we were still at Topshop. The man who organized the trip called Brittany and asked where she was and he said that if we got up to the restaurant soon he would meet us, give us his “all access pass” so we wouldn’t have to wait in line for a table and we could just eat with them. We got off the subway around 5:45 and had some trouble getting to the restaurant even though it was less than three blocks away. Turns out the Wall Street protests had come up to Times Square and it was absolutely crazy. There were a lot of sidewalks blocked off so we had to take some weird roundabout way to get to the restaurant. When I got the menu, I opened it up and saw that there were calories listed next to everything. Even though it was embarrassing, I put down the menu and asked Brittany to read me the menu and I would pick my meal from that. I ended up getting grilled salmon with rice and broccoli.

Leaving the restaurant was another struggle. The protest was still going on and we had to try to maneuver around it. We wanted to go to Toys R Us to see the ferris wheel and the Barbie playhouse. When we were walking, some weird older man asked me what was going on and I explained what was happening. He went on to tell me all about his financial situation and wished me luck when he walked away. I had no idea that I was so friendly and approachable. We made it to the side of the street that Toys R Us was on but discovered that the sidewalk was blocked ahead, so we had to try to go back the way we came and were going to wrap around the block. Brittany got elbowed in the lip by some asshole. When we were walking around the block, another guy started talking to me. Brittany was on the phone so I was all on my own. He was telling me how he was a protestor and was just so embarrassed by the way that everyone was acting the way that they were. He said that he had been there the whole week and it was really hard to plan for everyone and keep them behaving well so that the police would allow them to stay. Wrapping up the conversation, he said that he was irritated with everyone so he went off touring the city, Coney Island, Brooklyn and Staten Island by himself. He said that he wished we had a good rest of the time in New York and that the protests died down so we could get around.

We finally made it to Toys R Us! Barbie world was fantastic and brought back so many memories from my childhood. Brittany found little Fur Real Friends there. These proved to be a perfect solution to our desire for a pet! Brittany got a kitten that lays on its back and paws; I got a puppy that wags its tail and moves its head up and down. I felt so stupid buying this thing but it was just too cute to pass up. After we left there we had about an hour and a half until it was time to get on the bus to go back to Hood. We didn’t feel like going anywhere too far, so we decided to sit in Starbucks closest to where the bus was going to pick us up. I got a skinny cinnamon dolce latte for the first time in ages and it was delicious. We were sitting at stools in the front window and I decided to have some fun. I pushed my nose up like a pigs and we kept track of what people walking by did when they saw. Tons of men laughed, women mostly looked disgusted. I got a lot of thumbs up, one guy blew me a kiss and one guy gave me the middle finger even. One man stopped walking and talked to me through the glass, saying something like my “face is too beautiful and I shouldn’t do that.” Another guy walked by with a fancy Nikon camera and took my picture. He walked by again and took my picture a second time. It was so fun, it was the hardest I’ve laughed in a long time.

We made it on the bus and were on our way out of the city a little past 10:30. My mom had gotten me a book of Mad Libs to do and Brittany and I were doing that. Some of them turned out absolutely hilarious and ended up on the wall of shame. I tried to get some sleep on the bus and I think I dozed for a little bit. I think the fact that I was cuddling with the new Eeyore stuffed animal I bought at the Disney store helped to put me to sleep. I woke up and we had stopped at a McDonald’s/Subway/Gas station for a bathroom break. I didn’t realize it before, but my bladder was about to explode. It didn’t help at all because there was a huge line in the women’s bathroom. I honestly don’t understand how girls take so long to go to the bathroom. It takes me less than two minutes, probably even less than one, to go to the bathroom and wash my hands. It’s just ridiculous. Well we ended up getting back to school around 3:45 and I was out by 4. This morning Brittany told me that my sleeptalking hit a new high that night. I am so tempted to get a voice recorder because I want to hear all the ridiculous stuff I say when I am asleep.

Sunday there was a lacrosse tournament at our school for breast cancer. Hood was playing at 8, 9 and 11. I was texting Amanda the night before and she said that she was going to check the weather and probably show up to the game a little late, which I thought meant like 10ish, so I figured I would just sleep in. When I woke up at 10, she had texted me at 8:15 saying she was here and to let her know when I woke up. I got ready and met her with Brittany at the field at 11. We were playing VT and lost 3-4, but it was a really, really good game. After the game, Brittany and I went to brunch. My mom emailed me and said that there was a sale at the Container Store that day so she took me there to get some sort of storage system to go above my bed since Wal Mart wasn’t selling them anymore. When we got there, we were waiting around for over a half hour before another woman told us that we needed to check in and get a buzzer because the people who work there will meet with you individually and customize your storage for you. We were beyond mad. We checked in and then walked around. I saw a display of exactly what I wanted and asked some random employee where I could get it and he said that he’d go in the back and pull everything for me. That was awesome to get to bypass the whole line and get what I needed relatively quickly. After that, we went to Panera for lunch. Then, my mom was going to take me to Tyson’s to look for a phone case and get Gabrielle a birthday present. We started in Nordstrom but I didn’t find anything. Bloomingdale’s was a no-go as well. Along with Sak’s, Nieman Marcus, Betsey Johnson, Juicy, and Tory Burch. My mom just told me to order the phone case from Bendel’s that I loved, so I got on my phone and did that. I am excited to get it in the mail. I did end up getting Gabrielle a birthday present though. I won’t post what it is, though, because I wouldn’t want her to read and have the surprise spoiled 🙂

Today has been okay. Kind of strange, though. I woke up 20 minutes before my class and still made it on time (with enough time to make my coffee, too!). News Writing was boring. Psych of Women was boring. I just played Family Feud on Facebook most of the time anyway. I walked to CVS with my friend Lacey and apparently stole a lollipop that I thought was free. Now I am in the student center trying to work on my study guides for a history test tomorrow and a psych test next week. However, this studying thing isn’t going too well thanks to youtube and news that I heard about Solja Boy (or however you spell his dumbass name) getting arrested. Tonight I am going to go home and get the rest of the stuff that I need for the dance this weekend and my mom said she is making crock pot for dinner, so I’m going to steal some carrots. Wow, this last paragraph has been so exciting. I’m going to wrap things up now.


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