Happy Halloweekend

Well last night was a success. To use the wise words of Charlie Sheen, I was definitely “winning”. We all celebrated Halloween last night, and I think everyone was definitely suffering from a case of cabin fever and itching to get out and party. Like I said in my last post, I was dressed up as Katy Perry (see pictures at the bottom). We got ready in our building and then headed over to another residence hall to hang out before we made moves. Some of the people who were with us went to a track apartment and we waited and went to someone’s house a little later. When we got there, I was ready to party. I had so so so so much fun. It probably wasn’t the best idea to wear super-high heels all night long, but I was having such a fun time that I didn’t really notice how bad my feet hurt until I woke up this morning and had blisters the size of Texas on my feet. Well, that’s a huge exaggeration-I only have one small blister but it still hurts like a bitch.

I was so glad that Amanda came out with us. When we were in one of the dorms before we went out I told her about my book idea and she said that she would love to write a chapter for it if I decide to go through with the plan.

Last night I had such a great time. It was so so so fun, the most fun that I’ve had in a long time. Nothing could upset me last night, not even seeing someone who I do not have a good history with. I just looked the other way from him and went and did my own thing. I had my best friends there and so many people who cared about me and I was not going to let some jerk-off ruin my night.

One thing really made my night so much better. One of my friends told me that she reads my blog and that it’s one of the most inspirational things that she’s seen and that she is so proud of me for all that I’ve accomplished. I just go so emotional when she told me this, I thought that I was going to cry. Thank God I didn’t, I can’t imagine how a bunch of drunk people would react to a girl crying in the middle of a party. Plus, all my makeup would have run and that would have been embarrassing.

I was a little disappointed because at parties no one really dances, so me and this girl who dressed up as Taylor Swift just started dancing by ourselves and it was fun. I was originally going to leave with Amanda and her boyfriend and one of his roommates, but I decided I would stay and walk back with two of my other friends. But, later they both disappeared and I realized that I had no other friends there and everyone except about 5 people had left the party. Awkward? Yes. I ended up getting this guy who a bunch of my friends know to walk me back because I a) didn’t know how to get back to campus and b) did NOT want to walk by myself somewhere in the outfit that I was in.

I have no idea how I did not get in some sort of trouble when I got back to my building. Because it was so late, I had to show the person working the front desk my ID to prove that I belonged there. I was trying to fish it out of my purse for a good 5 minutes, saying over and over “I’m going to get it! I know it’s in there somewhere!” When I got past that checkpoint, I thought my bladder was going to explode and that I wouldn’t be able to wait until I walked up to the third floor to get to the bathroom, so I went in the bathroom on the first floor. When I sat down on the toilet is when the exhaustion hit me and I actually fell asleep on the toilet for a little bit.

Thankfully, one of my friends called me, waking me up. She and another friend were in the bathroom on the third floor and needed help getting back to their rooms. I went up and they were both not feeling well at all, and I felt so bad for them. I helped one get into her bed and took the other one back to her room, where she decided to just sleep on the floor.

I got back to my room and was ready to pass out. I didn’t wash my face, take off my jewelry or change my clothes. I just hopped in bed and finished texting the people I was talking to. I actually read what I texted this morning and none of it makes any sense, haha. My friend Katie texted me and asked who was the guy who screwed me over and I told her, putting a “fucking” in between the two syllables of his name. Then I put an emoticon of a pile of poop, wrote an arrow and wrote “That is him.” When I saw that this morning, I burst out laughing.

This morning, Brittany and Lacey left around 8:45 to go home for the day and I was up for about a half hour talking to them. I went back to sleep (obviously) and then woke up around 10:30 to get ready to go to brunch. I walked into the bathroom and smiled at a girl who was at the sink. She sort of grimaced back at me and thought that was kind of mean. When I got out of the stall and walked up to the mirror, I realized why she made the face she did: my makeup was all running down my face and I looked like I had just popped out of my grave.

After brunch, I just chilled in the room, doing damage control on the pictures from last night and uploading them on Facebook. I watched a video that will change your life. It is of some guy named Andre Dodson and he is warning some criminal on TV. Here’s the link:

My mom called me and said that she is going to take me to Tyson’s corner to buy some new jeans because I have a stress fest every time that I put on old jeans, wondering if they will fit or not, which essentially ends up ruining my day. Speaking of jeans, I think I am going to go and clear out all of my old jeans and put them in the clothes drive box downstairs in my building. No use keeping stuff that reminds me of what I want to be, but will never be again.

Now I am back in my room from my shopping excursion. I got four new pairs of jeans. I picked out the ones that I liked and my mom covered up the sizes so I didn’t have to worry about them, just about how they fit which was nice. Three of them have to be hemmed because I’m so damn short, but I at least have one new pair to wear tomorrow. I was trying to find a dress to wear to the next dance but one I tried on was too scratchy and the other just looked so hideous.

Currently, I am just sitting in my cold room watching episodes of shows online and being freezing cold in my room. I should probably be doing research but I don’t really care right now. I’m not in the best of moods and I just want to lay around and wallow in my self-pity. I am going to sign off now before things get too depressing.






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