Sorry that I have been so negligent with updating my blog in the past couple days. I have been really busy with school work and my social life and have really only found time to edit my birthday wish list post (which, by the way, you should check out if you haven’t already). I will try to get on every other day to work on updating, though. It’s my new-month resolution!

Hmm… let’s see what’s been going on lately. Not too much. This past Thursday I went to the hookah bar with a big group of friends. Because all classes were cancelled the next day for advising sessions, I didn’t have to worry about staying out late. We decided to walk there and two guys that were with us (well, one of them) were being so stupid. Of course, they were drunk, but that’s not really an excuse for what they were doing. They were kicking “for sale” signs out of the ground, throwing around newspapers, screaming, and at one point even knocked over a recycling bin, spilling out everything inside of it. I thought for sure someone was going to come out of their house and call the cops on us or something. But, that never happened, thankfully. Anyway, I learned how to blow a smoke bubble while we were there! What they do is they give you a little cup filled with detergent (gross, I know) and some straws. You trap some detergent in the bottom of the straw, inhale the smoke, and blow it out slowly through the straw. It took me one try to get it. One guy showed up who was a friend of my friend’s and he brought two other guys with him. One of them, I found out later, that I went to an aftercare program at the YMCA with him in 6th grade. He asked me for my number before we left and I gave it to him. He texted me less than five minutes after we left. Desperate? I think so. He tried for about an hour to get me to go out that night and meet him somewhere but he just did not get that I was tired, exhausted even, and was ready to just go to bed. Well, that’s just what I did.

Hookah like a bull?

On friday night I went to my friend’s apartment. It was quite an interesting night. I got a little out of control and I ended up getting sick and waking up sick the next day. I was hungover all Saturday. I tried to eat during the day, but it just wasn’t going to happen. I couldn’t eat anything until about 9:30. At 9:30 Amanda, Brittany and I went to go see the movie Crazy, Stupid Love that was showing at campus. Amanda brought me some chicken noodle soup- she’s the best. The movie was absolutely hilarious! I definitely recommend it to anyone. And it doesn’t hurt that Ryan Gosling is downright dreamy in it. He is so gorgeous and his character turns out to be so cute. I thought that he was going to just be a womanizing asshole in the movie, but he really turned around by the end. When we got back to the room, that guy from the hookah bar texted me again and was trying to get me to go to some party he was at. That was just wasn’t going to happen. I don’t know how he didn’t get the hint. I was being pretty rude. But, I just stopped texting him when I was done eating my delicious soup and went be sleep. As if I hadn’t slept enough. I had literally only woken up during the day to shower.

Sunday I went out with my mom. I was finally recovered from my hangover from hell. She picked me up and we went downtown. My favorite store, Velvet Lounge, because they were having a sale. Everything that was on sale was an additional 50% off. I ended up getting four things. I got a burgundy cowl-neck sweater by Splendid, a leopard print beret by Free People, a raspberry colored crop-top by Free People, and leopard print flats by Steve Madden. I always succeed in finding things I like there.

After that, we went to a home store called Retro Metro. They have quite, quirky things. I got a metal sign that said “Sarcasm: now served all day” which is totally appropriate for me. I also got a little notepad of fashion citations, which if I carried them around with me all the time, I would probably have used them all up by now. After we were done shopping there we headed to Target. I needed to get some more Command strips for hanging up my sign. I got some more food, also. Then it was time to go back to school and finish my homework. So fun!

Monday I had a French exam. On our class on Thursday, our assistant said that we weren’t going to have an interview section for our exam, where the teacher would take us aside one by one and ask us a couple of verbal questions to answer. Well, when I got to class at 10:30, people were talking about how the teacher sent out an email that morning around 7:30 saying that we were going to be having an interview section. I was mad. I pulled out my laptop to try to check the email, but I found that the Hood email website was down. I knew that it wasn’t my internet that wasn’t working because every other website I pulled up worked fine. Well, when the teacher came in, I negotiated a way for us to not have the interview on this test. We’re going to have one next test, though. Pretty happy about that- I’m so convincing in my arguments. I always get my way. 🙂

In my News Writing class, I learned that we have to submit a proposal for what our feature story is going to be written about. When I learned what the different options were for the story, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. I asked Holly yesterday if it was okay if I wrote my story about her recovery. I find her story really inspirational. Despite her struggles, she does not give up and I love how she is not afraid to speak up and say when she’s having a hard time. That’s still a big issue of mine- I just don’t want to disappoint anyone and I feel like telling someone that I’m struggling will let everyone down. I feel like I have to have to perfect recovery, devoid of struggles and hard times. The logical side of me tells me that there’s no such thing as a perfect recovery. In fact, it’s kind of contradictory if you think about it. Anyway, I am so excited to write this story about Holly. I feel like it will just flow from my mind through my fingertips because I’m going to be writing about something that is interesting to me. I really hope that I do a good job on it because I know that I am a very strong writer and it will be disappointing if my teacher isn’t happy with what I come up with.

Well, it’s time for class to start, which means it’s time for me to hop on StumbleUpon!


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