Body Shop

I have gone to the gym twice this week with Brittany and I love it. Before, when I would go by myself all I would do was cardio. Now I am doing cardio, abs and weights.

Going to the gym has just made me have so much more of an appreciation for my body than I have had in a long time. I am amazed at the endurance I have while doing cardio. I can’t wait to keep up with my ab work to get more toned stomach muscles. I am impressed with how strong I still am when I lift weights.

Much less of my time is spent hating my body. When I was at the gym I actually thought to myself, “you know what, I like my legs. I am glad that I am able to lift this much weight with them.” Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be thinking such a thing!

I am just so happy that I am finally, finally becoming able to not only accept my body, but to actually like it. I just hope that this trend continues.

Today was really, really ridiculously fun. I woke up and went to class. We had a quiz in French and it was pretty easy. After that, I met Amanda and Colleen in the student center. There was a carnival there that was just starting. Amanda waited in line to get a balloon animal. The woman making them was incredible! She made a Pikachu and Mario that looked exactly like them. Amanda got a giraffe and she gave me a mouse that was already made. There was a ton of food there, too. They also had a henna tattoo station, but we couldn’t do that because we didn’t have time. We had to get on the road to Hagerstown for my tattoo appointment.

I was going to the guy who Colleen gets all of her tattoos from to get my dove on the back of my neck. I was so extremely excited and I am so happy with how it turned out. Surprisingly, it did not hurt too badly, it only pinched a little bit when the needle went over my bone. Amanda was the designated photographer for the day. Here’s a picture of the finished product!
I just love it so much. The purple shading looks so much better in person, though. I am really happy, too, because it doesn’t hurt at all! I guess I should have expected it because my first tattoo didn’t hurt either.

When we got back from Hagerstown, it was about 2:00. Brittany, my friend Yashvi and I went up to Tyson’s corner for a little shopping. I had a coupon for 20% off at Sephora and I had an email saying that I could claim my birthday present from them, too.

I got some things from Forever 21:
And a gold multi-chain necklace and a set of socks.

At Sephora I got a blemish extractor, Too Faced lip gloss and my birthday present was a large bottle of Philosophy shampoo/bubble bath/body wash and it smells delicious. I can’t wait to use it. I had just run out of shampoo anyway, so that was perfect.

I had a coupon for a free pair of underwear from Victoria’s Secret, so I redeemed that. I didn’t really like any of the options, but I was not going to pass up an opportunity for something free!

It was so hard to resist myself from going on Cusp, Nordstrom and especially Free People. I walked by FP twice and saw countless cute things in their windows. I felt like I was breaking up with the store each time I walked by, ignoring it’s calls for me to come in.

When we got back it was around 5:45 and we were hungry. We went to dinner and I got to show off my new tattoo 🙂 Everyone loved it as much as I do. Now I am just sitting in bed, trying to figure out what I want to do with my night. I know there is a party going on tomorrow night, so I doubt there will be anything big tonight.

I will probably end up staying in, working on some homework and writing more for my book. I want to try and reach 10,000 words this weekend, so that is my goal and I want to reach it.


One thought on “Body Shop

  1. I’m so glad your body image is getting better! That’s awesome! Just think how far you have come since March, and how much you will continue to improve! I am so proud of you! Just be careful with the gym though, because it can be triggering and get out of hand. Just make sure you are following your exercise plan and being honest with everyone. I love you!

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