Shut Your Mouth

Last night was good and bad. More good than bad, but the bad was definitely present. There was a party that my friends and I were going to go to. Before we were just hanging out in my room. We were playing games and having a great time. Then we decided to go on Chatroulette for a bit. That was entirely entertaining and disturbing. What kind of person sits in their room alone on a Saturday night laying in bed, flashing their penis at unsuspecting people? So strange. That behavior got an immediate “SKIP”. It was funny because a group of 13-year-olds flicked us off and called us “crackheads”. So funny.

Once it got to about 10:30, we started to head out to the party. We got there and there were already a lot of people there. It was one of our friends’ birthdays so when it got to be midnight everyone sang to her. I was having a great time and then I walked out to the back room to go play pong when I heard something that really irritated me. I saw a girl from my high school who is a year younger than us sitting in the doorway talking to someone I couldn’t see. “Hey there’s that girl Erin who you always thought was anorexic,” I heard her say to her friend. Say to her friend loudly. I was absolutely LIVID. Who seriously says that?? People need to learn to think about what they say. Some people obviously have no concern for how their words affect others. I have never felt compelled to hit anyone, but that girl is so lucky that there was some guy there holding me back because I was going to walk right up there and punch her in the face. I got up and started walking over but I was held back. I guess that it was a good thing for me because that probably would have gotten me kicked out of the party and I didn’t want to cut the night short for me.

I was ready to cry. My friend Sophie came out and I told her what happened. She brought me outside and she consoled me. It was so nice, it felt great to have someone reassure me that I am beautiful. It also helped that she was bringing out her sense of humor and said “she can so suck a dick”. That’s what I love about her, she’s so humorously vulgar at the best times.

For the rest of the evening I decided to not let that little douchebag skank get the satisfaction of knowing she got to me. I just danced with my friends and had a great time. We left with some friends and went over to an apartment to hang out. After we were there for a little bit, we went back to campus and just went to bed.

Today I went to Costco with my two friends. I got some water, Snapple, yogurt, animal crackers, and ice cream sandwiches. I also got some really great pictures developed. We got back and I tried to get some of my psych paper written but I ended up just painting my nails with a friend and spending entirely too long on Chatroulette again. Now we’re sitting around watching Bad Teacher and having a nice relaxing Sunday night. I’m not really looking forward to starting the school week tomorrow, but that means that the dance is coming up! I can’t wait for Saturday. I have a supercute red lace dress to wear and I have a little plan brewing, but that’s going to stay under wraps because I don’t want to jinx anything.



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