Well today I had an appointment with my dietitian. I was having mixed feelings leading up to it. I was eager to go so I could discuss with her the struggles that I’ve been having lately and I was dreading it because I am ashamed of how out of control my weight has gotten.

The first thing I told her was that I have been extremely dissatisfied with my appearance lately and I want to lose weight so badly. She weighed me on her scale with my clothes on but no shoes. She didn’t tell me my weight as usual, but I know that it was over my range because we discussed what I have been eating on a normal schedule and what I should be eating. She said I should go back in two weeks instead of a month so that we can see if my new plan has helped any. We’re going to work on me stopping gaining weight and then getting back down to a weight that is healthier for me.

I told her that I have been skipping breakfast for a while now. Other than being at home for break, I don’t really remember when the last time was that I ate breakfast. I told her that I haven’t been hungry when I wake up and she said that’s probably because I had eaten too much the night before.

We worked out a plan for what I should eat. Breakfast is yogurt, just to get my metabolism going for the day. Lunch is a sandwich with hummus and a piece of fruit. Dinner is vegetables and cereal (something that I can’t give up from the good old dining hall). My evening snack will be popcorn and I can have 3-4 dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses throughout the day.

She gave me a bunch of food diary cards to fill out and I have to send them in to her every three days. Her students will then assess them to determine how many calories I am consuming in a day. I told her that I am going to stop drinking for a little while to see what that does for my weight. She said that drinking can add in at least 500 extra calories in one night. That’s ridiculous. That’s more calories than I want to eat in a total day. No way I am going to be pumping that many calories into my body anymore.

You know what? Maybe I’ll just take up smoking cigarettes to curb my appetite. Just kidding. That’s disgusting and I don’t feel like smelling like a musty ass crack all day and getting sick from my own bad habits. I know I need to slow down when I’m eating and pay attention for when I’m full and stop eating then even if I want something else. There’s always the next day and chances are, my craving won’t last once whatever I want is out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind.

Tomorrow is my friend Lacey’s birthday!! We’re going to take her out to Miyako for dinner. I don’t know what else we’re going to do, but we have some surprises up our sleeves. I am going to bake her either red velvet cupcakes or cake.

Today I think I finished writing my feature story for my News Writing class about Holly and her recovery. I am really, really pleased with what I have come up with. All I have to do is go through and clean some things up and make sure it follows the correct style according to my Associated Press handbook.

Well that’s all for now. I will update later! Thanks for reading šŸ™‚


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