You Are Amazing

Megan, I told you that I would write a blog about you, so here it is, I hope you like it!

You are such an amazing, beautiful and kind person. I am so glad that I got the chance to meet you and that we have become friends. I feel that we have a lot in common , which is awesome! (It’s nice having someone else who likes crafting and jigsaw puzzles!)  So many people in your life love and care for you so much and they (and I) would do anything for you, any time of day. All you need to do is say the word and we’ll be there.

I know that life seems to get pretty shitty sometimes and it’s hard to believe that things could ever get better, but trust me, things will always get better. The best thing to do is to just confront the situation, deal with it, move on and know that you are a better person after all of it. One thing that’s really important is to keep your head up. You need to surround yourself with the people that matter the most and care for you the most. People will hurt you in life, but the people who will sit there with you and cry and vent are the ones that will be there through it all. Those are the ones that you know will not leave you.

You’ve helped me a lot to be able to trust again. I feel like I can tell you everything and you won’t judge me or see any less of me. I felt comfortable enough to tell you about everything I’ve been through. I instantly could tell that you are a wonderful person when we met.

I hate seeing you sad, I want the funny, energetic Megan to come back! But it’s important to take some time to be sad. Know that there are more people in the world who will honor and cherish you the way you deserve, they’re just a little harder to find. I know, I know, who am I to talk? I get my proof from my parents, from my grandparents, from my cousins and family members who have found the right person for them and are still in as much love as the day they got married. You are too wonderful of a person to not find the right person. It will happen, just take some time to worry about yourself for a bit 🙂

I love you and I will be here for you whenever you need anything.


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