Parkour Problems

Well for the next couple weeks, I am going to be crippled.

On Friday, it was Lacey’s birthday and we took her to La Paz for dinner. We told the waiter and he was nice enough to buy her a fried ice cream dessert to celebrate. After dinner, we were taking some pictures around the restaurant. We then walked across the street to Carroll Creek and Megan suggested that we do some “Parkuor.” Aka looking like idiots jumping off stuff. I climbed up on a planter box and decided to jump off, asking Brittany to take a picture of me in the air. Well, she did that and I did some weird kick with my legs in the air and landed with all my weight on my heels. I instantly was in excrutiating pain and just fell onto the ground. I didn’t think I could get up. I tried to sit and just wait for the pain to pass but after five minutes I could tell that it wasn’t going to feel better any time soon. I got myself up, hobbled across the street and drove back to campus. I got out of the car and couldn’t walk, so my friends took me to the emergency room. The doctors took X rays and concluded that nothing was broken. Despite telling them that my heels were in an extreme amount of pain, they diagnosed me with sprained ankles. They wrapped my feet up in ace bandages and sent me out with crutches. Why would they give me crutches when I couldn’t bear weight on any of my feet?

In the waiting room of the ER when Megan and I went to meet Brittany and Lacey to go, a nurse noticed me struggling and offered to help me get in a wheelchair. Well, he didn’t push it close enough and I fell straight on my ass when I attempted to sit down. My arms were propped up on the wheels and I was crying from laughing so hard. Brittany was cracking up. Lacey and Megan didn’t see because they were pulling the car up. The nurse sort of looked at me and him and an EMT didn’t help me up until I had been on the ground for about a minute.

I got back to the room and just plopped down in my chair. I then moved to the floor and somehow crawled into bed. My pain did not decrease at all over the weekend, so my mom decided to take me to the doctor on Monday. I skipped classes and saw my doctor around noon. She wasn’t helpful at all. All she told me to do was to ice them and stretch my feet out. Wow, thanks for that. She referred me to a podiatrist at 1:45, so I was confident that they would be able to tell what was wrong with me. As my mom was paying, I was resting all my weight on my crutches and kneeling on a chair to take the weight off my feet. My old doctor, who works in the same building walked by. I knew it wasn’t going to be good because I can’t stand that woman. Everything she says to me is so rude, intentional or not. She looked me up and down and said bitchily, “How are you using those crutches??? Do I need to get a physical therapist up here to show you how to use them the right way?” I wanted to slap her in the face so hard. I was already mad and now I was livid. What a nasty, insensitive thing to say. I am obviously in an inordinate amount of pain and your snarky comments aren’t helping at all.

We went to the podiatrist and everything went uphill from there. Well, relatively. They took weight-bearing X rays to check for stress-fractures (which there were none of) and then ultrasounds of my feet to look at my muscles. Turned out that I had pulled and torn various ligaments and muscles in my feet and had a bone contusion. They gave me two of those hideously clunky medical boots to wear. Everyone in the office felt so bad for me; they rarely, if ever, see someone who has to wear them on both feet. I am due to go back in 2 weeks and if I’m not better by then I have to get a CT scan.

Today is my second full day of walking around in boots and it’s terrible. It’s still really painful, but somehow I am pushing through the discomfort and getting on with my life. Well, it’s time for class, but I just wanted to give a quick update on how things have been going in the past couple days. Tonight is an ugly christmas sweater contest in the dining hall and I have been proudly sporting mine all day. I will post pictures later 🙂


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