Hell Week

Welcome to finals week, one of the most dreaded time for college students. This year I am one of the select few who is lucky enough to have a final in every class. I have one final each day; three at noon and two at 9 a.m. I have been studying nonstop this weekend and I am getting really burned out. I guess it helps that I have basically been confined to my bed for most of the day.

I have been making sure that I spend some time relaxing so I don’t explode. Since Thursday I have watched a season of Curb Your Enthusiasm and True Blood. I have read a lot of the books that True Blood are based off of and it’s an awesome show! I am upset that I didn’t start watching it earlier.

Yesterday, I’m pretty sure I spent more time sitting in my bed, awake, than I did anywhere else. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that haha. I did get out for a bit and went to go study in a friend’s room for about an hour. I felt bad, though, because I left really abruptly. I remembered that the dining hall closes really early on weekends and I had less than 15 minutes to make it over there and get something for dinner, so I had to hurry up. Since Brittany went away for the weekend, I was kind of lonely sitting around all by myself. Lacey was gone all day at Arlington cemetery and when she got back she was understandably tired and went to bed at 11. Megan went home for the weekend to relax before finals, so all my close friends were gone :(. Later that night, my friend Theo came over to hang out. We watched some episodes of True Blood, since he’s my only friend that I know of who watches the show. I can easily say that I’m obsessed with it. Anyway, it was really nice talking to him. He’s a really nice person and I opened up to him about my time at Remuda. Even though it’s hard telling people about my time there, I think it helps to know that I can open up and tell people about my life and know that I can trust them not to tell anyone and not to judge me.

Once Theo left, I wasn’t really that tired, so I stayed up until about 3:30 watching Youtube videos on my phone. I came across one video that made me cry like a baby. It was called “Meet your Meat” and showed how poorly animals are treated that are bred for food production. I made the decision after watching it to become a vegetarian. I can’t even imagine eating meat again without picturing in my mind what I saw those poor animals go through.

Yesterday morning I went home after brunch to drop my clothes off that I want for winter break and to get some of my other pain medicine that is stronger than the Tylenol 3 that the hospital prescribed me and didn’t help at all. I took a half a Percocet and I didn’t feel any better. I think my body has become immune to pain medications. Is that possible? I just don’t feel any affect from them and I don’t know why because I rarely take any pain medicine. I just hate doing it. I go back to the podiatrist sometime next week and I am pretty sure she’ll send me for a CT scan because my feet haven’t improved at all. Even though I have always wanted to get a cast somewhere, I feel like it would put a big damper on Christmas and winter break. I want to be able to go snowboarding but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

Today my mom took me downtown to find a Christmas present for Amanda. I wanted to get her something from Velvet Lounge, but I didn’t really see anything that popped out at me and screamed “Amanda”. I went over to Retro Metro and got her something else. I’m not going to say what, though, because I know Amanda reads this and she’s not going to find out. Hey Amanda: don’t bother asking, nagging, and trying to get me to tell you what I got you, it’s not going to work anymore :p.

I’ve been kind of stressed out today. Tonight there’s something called “late-night breakfast” which is pretty self explanatory. My friends want to go, so I will too. The rational side of me wants to go. After all, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I would feel really left out if I didn’t go. But, the ED side of me tells me to stay away. It tells me that I will overeat and it won’t be good for me in getting back down to my goal weight. I am just really stressed out and I hope I have my anxiety medicine with me here at school because I could really use some tonight.

Ugh, well I really need to get back to studying. I need to finish this god-awful study guide for history and get back to flash cards for my test tomorrow for a class that I haven’t paid one bit of attention in. There’s this obnoxious couple sitting by me right in my line of vision and they’re making me want to vomit. They’re laying on top of each other and he’s petting her hair like she’s a dog. Blech. Go away, please. I think that their couple-y behavior and blatant expression of affection is so annoying because I’m so bitter about being single. I really need to get a boyfriend. Listen up, Santa!!


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