Winter Break

Finally, finals week is over! These five days seemed to just drag on endlessly. Having only one final each day was actually pretty terrible. None of them took longer than an hour, so I had most of the day to sit around and try to keep myself entertained. I actually accomplished a lot on my HBO Go playlist.. I finished the first two seasons of True Blood, which I have become fully obsessed with. Before watching the show I was only obsessed with the books, but now it’s on a whole new level. The show actually helps me a lot with my body image because there’s not really many women on the show who are super-skinny.

I think most of my finals went pretty well.

  • First was Mass Media and Society. I felt like I studied a lot for it, but I only ended up getting a B. I would have been more upset, but my overall grade in that class is a 94.
  • Psychology of Women was Tuesday. Our teacher gave us the option of taking a version with 110 multiple choice questions or a version with 50 multiple choice and 6 short answers. The second format choice is how every other test has been laid out in that class, so I chose that format. I’m pretty good at bull-shitting some answers and I figured that I would at least get partial credit on some of the short answers instead of losing all points. I have yet to get back my grade.
  • History was on Wednesday and that was a breeze. We have two sections of identifications: people and terms. There were 6 choices and we had to pick 5. We had to write 3 “essays” which are just really short paragraphs. For two of them, we had 2 options. Of course, everything was on the study guide we got so I felt pretty well-prepared.
  • News Writing was Thursday and I ended up getting a freaking 75 on it. We had two write a lead (first sentence of a story) for five prompts in print and broadcast style. Then there were notes for a fake story about some art program that we had to write a press release, print story and broadcast story for.
  • Friday, today, I had French. I never even studied for it haha. I think I did pretty well.

After my final today, I was still really tired (after all, I woke up at 7), so I laid in bed and took a nap. I thought I would sleep for about an hour, but I slept for four. I had to go to the bathroom so bad when I woke up, so I went as fast I could and was so disturbed on my way there. I walked by a room that was playing loud music. I didn’t think anything of it until I got closer and heard moaning and other sex noises. I was hungry, but that just made me want to vomit. As I left the bathroom I saw a girl leaving with her parents. That had to be so traumatizing, having to hear that with your parents.

I did the rest of my packing and cleaned up the room. I had to take care of all the balloons that I had blown up for Brittany’s birthday on Thursday. There were over 100 of them. I was going to leave them on the floor, but I figured that I might get some sort of violation, so I popped them. It sounded like I was going on a shooting spree.

All of my packing was done around 4:30, so I packed up my car and headed home. When I got here, no one was home, so I got to just relax for a while. My mom brought home Chinese food and now I am going to go back to campus to hang out with some friends before they leave for break.

Yesterday I went to my dietitian. I got an email from her office saying that I was going to get my resting metabolic rate tested to see how many calories I would burn in a day if I just sat around all day doing nothing. To do this, I had to breathe into a tube with my nose plugged for ten minutes. I wasn’t told what my rate was, but she said it was normal and that my weight is probably doing it’s pendulum thing right now, and it will even out on it’s own. That was really reassuring. I was worried that there was something wrong with me.


2 thoughts on “Winter Break

  1. It sounds like you did pretty well on my classes.

    Funny, that’s how I feel when I see bodies that I like. Somehow it reminds me to watch what I eat.

    I’m expecting Chinese food for dinner when I get to my in-laws so I cannot help but to relate. I read a bit about you- you’re doing a great thing for yourself. Keep up the good work!


  2. Finals week is bittersweet. There’s a lot of free time to do random little things (I have a Hulu playlist, though, not HBO 🙂 ), but there’s still that stress of school in the back of your mind and it’s just not home!

    Glad you did well for the most part on finals. Happy holidays.

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