This One’s For You All

Well I haven’t really been doing much exciting things lately. Definitely nothing that merits it’s own blog post, so I will make this one short and sweet.

Yesterday was my dad’s birthday and that was good. The day before I made a batch of red velvet cupcakes for him and they were quite yummy (as always). I got him this strange card that had random words used the way a redneck would put them in a sentence. I don’t even remember any of them other than “bass” meaning “best”. When my mom got him a Nikon camera for christmas she also got him a nice lens to attach on to it. We gave that to him for his birthday and he seemed to really like it. For dinner my mom made steaks on the grill (vegetarian Tuscan chicken breast for me), baked potatoes and green beans. Later that night I had a wonderful 3-hour Skype session with someone special. Time flies when I am talking to him and it feels perfectly normal to go through spells of silence. It’s comforting. It’s soothing. It feels familiar. It feels safe.

Today was a big day filled of nothingness. My car is being worked on so I had no mode of transportation. I woke up around 11, got some breakfast, and sat down to read my True Blood books. Ever since Brittany told me that she had started and finished the series already over break, I knew I had to step my game up! Also, I have watched every episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm from every season, so that goal is completed. I took a long  nap around 3:30 that actually left me more tired. My mom made Spanish rice for dinner and it was so yummy. I came downstairs after dinner and continued to read. I think I will do that some more when I finish writing this.

For Christmas my mom got me a 1-a-day calendar that has 6-word memoirs from random people on them. I think I will close out all of my posts for this year with writing whatever that day’s memoir is.
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-Kenny Clark


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