I Want

I want to be thin again.
I don’t want my emaciated, starved body.
I just want to be thinner than I am now.
I know you say I am beautiful, but I just can’t see that.
All I see in the mirror is cellulite on my huge thighs,
Giant man arms,
A pouch on my stomach that won’t go away despite the number of situps I do.
I want to be able to covet a space between my thighs.
It doesn’t matter how wide of a gap,
Anything will do.
I want to like my body again.
I want to be beautiful for you.


One thought on “I Want

  1. Stop it. You’re already far too beautiful. Is this like in those cases where the Zombies have no idea that they’re zombies? Because if that’s the case, it is bonkers. You are gorgeous. Your body and its amazing curves, your smile, simple touch of ruby, all of you. Hell, even some chicks at work are jealous of you! I’m a truly fortunate guy.
    Be the natural beautiful you are meant to be, not the kind of “beautiful” the world expects. Or are you fearful that my eyes will wonder off onto other women? If that’s the case–pshh, honey, you are mistaking. ❤


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