Too Good

The happiness that I am feeling these days cannot be described in words sufficiently. My boyfriend is literally the best therapy for me. He keeps me calm in situations that would normally be stressful. He tells me how beautiful I am every day, even when I can’t see it. He makes me feel free to be myself. I can be goofy and embarrassing and know that he will laugh along with me. We may not be in the same circle of friends, but that is a non-issue. I like every single one of his friends that I have met and I can see myself spending time with them.

There’s just a total carefreeness that he brings out in me whenever we are together. Not one worry makes its way into my mind. I find myself thinking of him at any given moment and I count down the time until I can see him again.

I love the way he will surprise me on campus and brighten my day. Yesterday morning he came over before brunch and serenaded me outside of my bedroom window. There is just so much kindness in his heart. I can see this one sticking around 🙂

On Friday he came up after work to go to a party with me. We drove around for a bit, and had a great time. At the party, we were standing around laughing hysterically at the commentary we (he) were making at the beer pong game going on. Some aspects of the night didn’t go according to plan, but I can’t think of one thing I would want to change about the night. Every moment spent together is a memory made that I will cherish forever.

Anyway, I’ll stop being “that girl” who won’t stop talking about her boyfriend. These feelings are just so new to me that I can’t help myself from wanting to share them with anyone who will listen.


On another note, classes are going pretty well. My six-course-schedule is kind of overwhelming considering that I have 4 classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have a shit ton of reading for my Eastern Religions class and there are two problems with it. 1) Nothing I have read yet has been remotely related to what lectures are on. 2) It literally puts me to sleep; I will fall asleep in the middle of every chapter that I have read so far. I have three communications classes but I am glad that only one of them is going to be an intensive writing class. My first story for that class is due Monday and I am still a little foggy on what I need to do to get a good grade.

I have made the decision to start a program with the personal trainer that I met. She seems very nice and like she will be able to help me reach the goals that I set for myself. On the topic of exercise, I went to the gym today with Brittany and Lacey. I had a small moment when I was doing the leg press machine. I am able to lift more than I used to weigh. Brittany and Lacey commented multiple times about how strong I am. Times like those just make me feel so good about myself. It reminds me of how powerful and in-sync with my body I used to be. I can’t wait to have that feeling back again at all times, not just when I am working out.

Hmm… what else is on my mind? Well, this weekend I went shopping with Brittany and Lacey and I got some pretty freaking awesome duds!


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