First of all, I am at breakfast and let me just say, I am amazed at what I feel. I actually felt full in the middle of my meal. I never thought I would come to experience that feeling again. It seems I was wrong again. I was worried for so long that I would never experience satiety unless it was feeling sickly full after a meal.

Secondly, I started with my personal trainer yesterday and I am already starting to feel better about myself. I am Supposed to do the regimen we worked up 3x per week and cardio 2x per week. She told me that it is probable that I will get the results I’m looking for from strength training alone. While doing ab work, she was genuinely impressed with how strong my core is. That felt great to hear! I am just so hopeful that this will help me in leaps an bounds in getting toward total acceptance of my body.

I have an appointment with my therapist today and I can’t wait to talk to her about everything that has been going on lately, the bad and the good. It should be a good session.

Anyway, it’s probably time for me to get going to class. The only good thing about the dishwasher in the dining hall being broken is that I can snatch a to-go cup of tea for class


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