Just Thinking

Today I just remembered the quote that is so often heard, “Nothing tastes better than being skinny.”

That’s a very loaded quote, if you ask me.
I remember how up until last February that I truly believed that. My hunger went away, or I was at least able to tune the huger cries out of my consciousness. 

Why would anyone be able to have pride in a body that was achieved through starvation? I did that, and I was proud but what I didn’t realize was that I was harming my body so bad that it wasn’t functioning properly. No, I didn’t have any noticeable affects from my low weight, but my brain wasn’t functioning correctly. I had little energy and I was extremely depressed. 

There is no pride in living that way. None. Not one bit. 

Keep that in mind if you are suffering like I was. Keep that in mind if you know someone that is suffering like I was. 


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