Image These shorts may not seem like a big deal, but to me they are. They are the first pair of pants that I have bought for myself since…probably October that I have known the size of. And I am fine with it. Totally fine. 

It’s just an amazing feeling to know that I can be comfortable in my own skin. Right after I bought them I texted Javier because I know he really wants me to be content with my body and he needed to be the first one to know about this newfound contentedness. When he got my text he called me and said how happy it made him to hear about that and it brought a smile to my face and a jump in my heart 🙂

I was just really excited about today. And I even got a discount on it from my internship that I had last summer! I talked to the owner since she was working today and asked if she needs any help this summer again. She said she would look at what her employees plan on doing and will definitely keep me in mind and call me if she has any opening that comes up. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

When I was downtown today, I had lunch with my friends Amanda and Kay. It was really nice getting to hang out with them in the nice weather. We had lunch at this place called Cafe Nola and it was delicious. I had a really good falafel wrap with lettuce, onions, tomato and cucumber on a spinach wrap. I was going to have a salad, but the wrap just sounded better. 🙂 Went with my gut instinct. I believe that is called intuitive eating, right?

Nothing else really happened of interest today, other than encountering a demon spider in my shower that just WOULDN’T die. So irritating. 


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