I Need To Vent

This girl is so stupid and I just hate her retarded self so much. At my school, for people who have trouble taking notes in class or some bullshit like that, they can go through the disability services center and arrange to get an official note taker. The official note taker will be paid $50 by the school at the end of the semester. In one of my classes, this girl needed a note taker. Because I take notes on my laptop in class, I told her I could be her note taker and just email the notes immediately after class. I gave her notes for a couple days and then she decided that I would be a good note taker for her. I TAKE NOTES EXACTLY AS THEY ARE WRITTEN ON THE BOARD OR SAID BY THE TEACHER.

At the end of February, she came to talk to me and said that she didn’t want me to be her note taker anymore. Apparently she had just gotten a poor grade on a test and placed the blame on me for it. She rarely comes to class on time; she has been over 30 minutes, usually over 45 minutes, late to class. She continued to bitch and say that I didn’t send her notes from the class period before the test. I know I did. For sure. Then she said that she got a really bad grade on the test, like it was my fault or something. She also complained that I never gave her the handouts. Well, that’s not my problem. If you can’t bring your ass to class to get them yourself, email the teacher because it’s his responsibility to make a copy for everyone in the class.

So I emailed the director of disability services and asked if I would get paid for what I did do, since I didn’t have to give her notes for two months out of kindness. I mentioned to him she complained that she didn’t get my notes from the class before our exam, but if that were the case, she would have had friday, saturday, sunday, and monday to email me for them because everyone knows that email isn’t perfect and something could have happened and it may not have been delivered. After many emails and waiting, I found out that this bitch met with him and told him my “notes weren’t useful” and because of that I won’t be getting paid. UM, SHE ASKED ME TO BE HER NOTE TAKER, so she knew what my notes were like and whether they would be helpful or not. And if you’re needing someone to take notes for you, you clearly don’t have the intelligence capacity of a normal student, so it’s no wonder she didn’t do well.

I am just so angry about all that. It’s not my fault that she’s dumb and selfish. It’s not like SHE would be paying me from her own pocket, so why does she have to punish me for being helpful to best of my ability?


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