Seventeen Dream

Hi all! This is a happy post 🙂

Today I emailed Seventeen Magazine. I have always admired this magazine for featuring normal, everyday girls of all shapes and sizes. I dream that one day I could be featured in that magazine right alongside of them, too.

  • So I emailed them, briefly explaining my story that all of you wonderful people have read and been with me through for the tough and easy times, the good and bad.

  • I am asking you a huge favor. If all of my readers could send an email to and ask them to consider having me in the magazine, I would forever be thankful

  • The main reason that I want this for myself is to help me come even further in my recovery. I am able to accept my body most days, and my family, friends and Javier accept my body. If I could be accepted by a fashion magazine, and their entire readership, it would be so amazing. You see, my friends and family aren’t going to tell me hurtful things. But s magazine has no loyalty to me. If they accepted me completely and fully, I would be so honored. There would be no way for me to be able to not accept myself.

  • So, if you all could take a few minutes out of your day, just double the time that it took you to read this, I would be so thankful.

    That’s all, folks

    Erin 🙂


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