New Theme

This semester one of the classes that I’m taking is Online Journalism. For that class we are required to have a blog, make a theme for it, and make 20 posts throughout the semester. So, naturally, I am using this blog! For my posts I am going to make each post about applying the skills that I learned at inpatient for beating my eating disorder to everyday life. It may sound silly, but you’d be surprised about how many of the skills that I use throughout my days. You just have to be consciously aware of what you are having to deal with in your life, and think of a healthy way to handle those situations. I hope that these upcoming 20 posts will help people become better at reducing the stress in their lives like these skills have helped me to do. 

Also in this semester I will be making 5 posts in which I interview someone about a related topic to my blog and I will be required to follow 5 related RSS feeds. So, if I happen to come across an article from one of those that I find helpful or interesting, I will definitely be sharing it with all of you.

That’s all for now, keep reading for my next post in the skill set series!


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