My blog already has a recovery theme to it, but for my online journalism class I need to give it a bit more structure. Accordingly, I chose to make each post about a different recovery skill that I learned while I was at inpatient treatment. There are four categories to these skills, with multiple skills in each. For each of my posts I am going to apply the skills to eating disorder recovery and real life.

Help Skills

  • Willingness: developing willingness to cooperate
  • Accept: developing the ability to accept reality
  • Wisdom: using wisdom in decision making
  • Distract: using distraction to tolerate anxiety or stress
  • Feeling: learning to experience emotions
  • Act Opposite: learning to do what’s right when your emotions tell you to do the opposite
  • Catch It: changing cognitive distortions Step One-learning to identify your distorted thoughts
  • Caring: care for the body and spirit

Hope Skills

  • In The Moment: learning to live in the moment- recognizing and experiencing what is happening now
  • DEAR MAN: communicating what you want or need
  • Challenge It: changing cognitive distortions step two- challenging your distorted thoughts
  • Caring: engaging in self-care

Healing Skills

  • Balance: balancing self-care with care of others
  • Boundaries: setting healthy boundaries in relationships
  • Change It: changing cognitive distortions step three- replacing your distorted thoughts with the truth
  • Caring: expressing care to others

LIfe Skills

  • Meaning: creating meaning in your life
  • Contribution: contributing to the world you live in
  • Blessing: counting your blessings
  • Mastery: building mastery in your life- building confidence and competence in your life

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