Help Skills: WISDOM

This skill is about using wisdom when making decisions.

Remuda taught me that one must understand his or her mindset

Making all your decisions based on thoughts/cognitions: this means that you are being governed by your thinking, rational or irrational; by whatever thoughts make sense to you, whatever you think is logical, practical, realistic, levelheaded or commonsense

Making all your decisions based on your feelings/emotions: means being governed by your emotions rather than reason or will; giving higher importance to emotional data; being more aware of emotions, more expressive, more sensitive, demonstrative, intense or passionate emotionally

Wisdommeans combining information, knowledge, thoughts and feelings you have, as well as from external sources, in a synthesis that allows you to make good decisions and judgements

In a more simplified definition, wisdom is a happy balance of being governed by your thoughts and governed by your feelings.



Wisdom is something that was definitely elusive for me when I was suffering the battle against anorexia. My whole frame of judgement was skewed from anything resembling rationality. I was scared of food. I was scared of people. I was scared of judgement.
I was completely ruled by my thoughts and cognitions. I gave a classification to foods: safe or unsafe. As my sickness progressed, more and more foods were moved to the unsafe category.
In order to get the ball rolling for recovery, I needed to first recognize my irrational thoughts. I needed to be more in-tune with my emotions. My emotions that were telling me that my body was running thin and operating on empty, my emotions that were telling me my life was not worth living if I continued to starve myself, and my emotions that told me I missed having friends and seeing my family and friends suffer as I wasted away.
Being able to listen to those both, told me that I wanted to get better, but because of my thoughts about fear of food I knew I could not recover on my own.


In real life it’s sometimes hard for me to be able to have wisdom govern me all the time. There are moments when I get really heated about something. I want to just make everyone believe me, but I know that’s not possible.
In a way, acting only on your emotions is a selfish way of living. By living that way, you disregard what others may be feeling. Also, acting only on your thoughts is a very closed-minded way of living. You discount what others believe, shutting out other frames of mind.
For me, being able to use wisdom in my every day life is being able to mentally step back from the situation and look at what I’m thinking and doing from an outsider’s perspective. That is what really helps me to make sure that I am being logical and sensitive to others’ opinions and feelings.
One way that I really could use wisdom in school is when I get frustrated with something in class that I can’t grasp. I get too emotional and shut down. I think that I should be able to do everything on my own, but that’s not practical. I have to consciously make myself open to suggestion and help from others.

Being able to have wisdom in your life is a great trait. Most people think of wisdom in an educational standpoint, but it’s more than that. It’s being emotionally wise, being able to step outside one’s mind.


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